We begin the process by building a true partnership with you the customer by learning to know you and what your requirements are for the vehicle. This initial and ongoing communication is important to ensure you end up with the vehicle you are looking for.

In a world where most of us are constantly connected to the internet via computers, smart-phones, i-pads etc. it may not be too difficult to find a specific type of vehicle for sale. In addition to the internet, we also use a variety of other resources such a network of contacts, organizations, clubs and dealer network as well as car shows and other events.  Whether it is us or you who actually find a vehicle of interest, at that point and going forward is really where the critical work starts. On the phone chasing cars

We communicate with the seller of the vehicle and ask all the right questions. Many sellers are reluctant to deal directly with buyers from other countries. E-mail is very convenient but we find it essential to also have direct contact with the seller to find out as much as possible about the vehicle, it’s history, seller and situation for the transaction.  We will forward all the information including photos to you and discuss with you throughout the process, the best possible deal will be negotiated by us on your behalf. The final decision to buy or not is of course always yours.

Once a decision has been made by you to purchase a vehicle and you have transferred the funds, we will execute a secure financial transaction in person with the seller where we also verify that the vehicle is what it is has been represented to be.

We will obtain all relevant documentation for the vehicle and it will be placed in your name.

We will then through one of our partners arrange for the shipment of your vehicle to a port of your choice.