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It is a sad sight to see those who believe themselves to be revolutionaries unleashing their hatred on the anarchist - jusl because his views on freedom go beyond their petzy and narro w concepts of freedom learned in the State school. And meanwhile, this spectacle is a reality. The fact is that the spirit of voiuntary servitude was always cleverly cultivated in the minds of the young, and still is, in order to perpetuate the subjection of the individual to the State. Libertarian philosophy is stifled by the Roman and Catholic pseudophilosophy of the State.

You will henceforth only know them through the intermediary of some organ or other of your State. " And the glorification of the State and of izs discipiine, for which the university and the Church, the press and the political parties labour, is propagated so successfuily that even revolutionaries dare not look this fetish straight in the eye. The modern radical is a centralist. Statist and rabid Jacobin. And the sobin. And the soocialist falls into step. Just as the Florentines at the end of the fifteenth century knew no better than to call on the dictatorship of the State to save themselves from the Patricians, so the socialists can only call upon the same Gods, the diczatorship of the State, to save themselves from the horrors of the economic regime crcated by that very same State!

Even of the struggles to secure the right to enjoy oneself in pubiic! nes - nor the struggles that will be needed before one is able to make a bonfire of that book of infamous punishments, invented by the spirit of the inquisition and of the despotic empires of the Orient known under the name of the Penal Code! Observe next taxation - an institution originating purely with the State - this formidable weapon used by the State, in Europe as in the young societies of the two Americas, to o Americas, to keep the masses under its heel, to favour its minions, to ruin the majority for the bene it of the rulers and to maintain the old divisions and castes.

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