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Below, p. 2-3). In history, national states normally suppressed minorities in order to become nation states, whereas empires are by definition supra-national. The nation state, as David Mitchell stated in Cloud Atlas, ‘is merely human nature inflated to monstrous proportions’. 2). 42 The Seleukids certainly were not ‘kings of Syria’. They too used the title of basileus without any restrictive addition, albeit they may have ‘limited’ their pretensions by carrying the title King of Asia, which they had inherited from Alexander, and which potentially contained claims to Egypt.

Freeden, Ideology. A Very Short Introduction (Oxford 2003); J. Plamenatz, Ideology. Key Concepts in Political Science 6 (London 1970). Royal ‘propaganda’ may be roughly defined as the communication of ideology, with the intention of persuading others to accept it too, or, in our case, to persuade them to accept a certain person or family as the legitimate king or royal dynasty; cf. D. Harter and J. Sullivan, Propaganda Handbook (Philadelphia 1953) 95, and S. Sargent and R. Williamson, Social Psychology (New York 1958) 441.

Recently Olivier Hekster and Richard Fowler refined Mann’s terminology by defining royal power in the Ancient World as the sum of the monarchy’s legitimacy, military 47 Strootman 1993, 7-8. F. Noreña in BMCR 2006-07, 06: ‘To discuss the ideological basis of power, one first should tackle the question what power is and what it does. …. Any analysis of the relationship between image and power has to include a definition of power. ’ 49 M. Weber, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Grundriss der verstehender Soziologie (5th rev.

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