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By Phillip Whitt

Obtain options for including colour to black and white or monochrome photographic photos utilizing GIMP. during this ebook you will additionally discover ways to create a hand-tinted influence so as to add a component of antiquity. Pro picture Colorizing with GIMP additionally teaches concepts that assist you to selectively colorize photos, blending black and white with colour. There also are how you can move the other approach: changing colour photos into black and white (there's extra to it than simply elimination color).

Written with either starting and skilled GIMP clients in brain, Pro picture Colorizing with GIMP exhibits you the way to colorize black and white photos to accomplish a excessive measure of realism.

What you are going to examine

  • Gain a easy review of the GIMP workspace, instruments, colour palettes, layers, and layer mask
  • Learn the right way to make the right kind tonal changes to black and white pictures ahead of beginning the colorizing process
  • Complete easy colorizing routines for novices and growth to extra complex colorizing techniques
  • Colorize epidermis, enamel, hair, and eyes
  • Create a nostalgic hand-tinted glance and selectively colorize (mixing colour with black and white) to create attention-grabbing images
  • Use textures and styles to create creative colorized images
  • Properly convert colour pictures into black and white
  • Colorize black and white photographs, and re-colorize outdated pale colour portraits

Who This ebook Is For
Pro photograph Colorizing with GIMP is essentially for GIMP clients (but clients of different photograph enhancing software program applications can gain as well). it truly is in particular invaluable should you edit images, restoration outdated pictures, or those that are looking to observe colorizing ideas for inventive effect.

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Pro Photo Colorizing with GIMP

Receive recommendations for including colour to black and white or monochrome photographic photographs utilizing GIMP. during this booklet you are going to additionally learn how to create a hand-tinted influence so as to add a component of antiquity. seasoned photograph Colorizing with GIMP additionally teaches ideas that make it easier to selectively colorize photographs, blending black and white with colour.

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As with levels, this allows you to control the tonality of an image. Like the Levels dialog, it displays a histogram. A key difference in how the Curves dialog works is the ability to make tonal adjustments with greater precision. By attaching anchor points to the adjustment curve, changes can be made to pixels that are within a certain brightness range (Figure 2-14). 39 CHAPTER 2 ■ AN INTRODUCTION TO TONAL ADJUSTMENTS Figure 2-14. The Curves dialog box Curves Practice Exercise Like with levels, the Curves dialog might be a bit intimidating for beginners.

These grays make up the tonal value of the image, which means lightness, darkness, and middle ranges. The tonal value is independent of chroma (color), but having the correct tonal values makes a colorized image look more realistic. Figure 2-1 shows a dull, flat image compared to one that is tonally correct. © Phillip Whitt 2016 P. 1007/978-1-4842-1949-2_2 27 CHAPTER 2 ■ AN INTRODUCTION TO TONAL ADJUSTMENTS Figure 2-1. A comparison of an image that’s tonally flat and the same image with good contrast Using the Histogram to Assess Tonality A histogram is a graphical representation of the pixel brightness values in an image, ranging from 0 (pure black) to 255 (pure white).

With the Free Select tool, selections can be drawn around irregular shapes. Figure 1-13. 8 When a selection is made, you’ll notice a border of “marching ants” around the area. Holding the Shift key allows multiple selections to be made while using these tools. The selection’s border can be hidden by navigating to the menu bar and choosing View ➤ Show Selection (Figure 1-14). Figure 1-14. The selection’s border, or “marching ants,” can be hidden To learn more about the selection tools, look in the Chapter 1 Practice Images folder.

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