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A concise background of the improvement and perform of Egyptian drugs and its comparable matters. It examines the pictures that are carved and painted at the partitions of tombs, represented in statues, within the hieroglyphs and within the papyri and gives and clarification of the categories of illustration which express visible ailment and deformity. the appliance of contemporary medical methodlogy to palaeopathology and palaeopidemiology has given Egyptologists and clinical historians a better knowing of the interplay among human disorder and the modern setting. an outline of contemporary medical stories is integrated in addition to particular case reports detailing proof of ailment. The Egyptians knew and used no less than one-third of all of the medicinal crops indexed in glossy pharmacopoeias and the ingredients and efficacy of the pharmacists' treatments are tested. a short review of the scientific papyri and clinical inscriptions is integrated. those supply extra poignant insights into the Egyptian scientific practioner's figuring out of anatomy and body structure.

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It is caused by excessive secretion, or sensitivity to growth hormone developing in adult life. Alveolar bone: the part of the bone of the jaw to which the teeth are attached. Anthelmintic: a remedy for infestation with worms. Anthracosis: blackening of the lungs due to deposits of carbon particles. Aorta: the main arterial trunk of the body. Appendicular adhesions: bands of tissue produced as a result of inflammation of the appendix and which unite those surrounding parts which normally are separate.

P. 44 Gray, P. 41 Griffiths, P. L1. 53 Gynaecologists 53 Gynaecomastia 34, 36,46,47,47 lIaematuria 34, 36 lIair 18 lIalitosis 17 lIarkhuf 44 Harrison, R. G. \ IIouse of Life 22 l Iouslng 11-13 Hydatid disease Vl Hydrocephalus 45 Hygicia 24 Ibis bird 59, 60 lllegitimate conception ::'0 Imhotcp 21, 22, 24 Incense 18, 5S, 57,57 India 33 Infant burials 20 Insect bites 41 Institute of Anthropology, '{uriu iii Instruction of Duauf 15 Egyptian Medicine 72 International Mummy Data Base l) Iry 22,23 Ishtar 46 Isis 22, (J!

33 Ruffer, Sir M. A. 34, 37 RumĀ» 45, 45-6 Sahure 22 Sais 31 Sallier II Papyrus 15 Sanatorium 23 Sandison, A.. T. ondon Papyrus 54 Luxor 51 Marriage 18, 19 Medical hooks 21, 25 Medical deities 22 Md1ll34 Memphis 25 Mcrctatcn 48, 56 Mcrncptah 37 Mesopotamia 30 Metu 16 Mitral valve 37 Maller-Christensen, V. l Ll Sekhct-n-Ankh 22 Sckhmct 21, 22, 52 Selket 22 Scncb 44,44 Scsostns II rz Seth 61 Scthnakhte 36 Sen 1 12, 57 Sexual behaviour IS Sexual deviation IX Sims, 1. M. 20 Sinai peninsula 58 Siptah 45 Slscnc 18 Skin diseases 40 Skin graft 41 Smallpox 40 Smcnkhkarc 47-8,56 Smith, E.

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