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By W. Vivian Davies, Louise Schofield, British Museum Trustees

Because of a world colloquium held on the British Museum in 1992, this publication is essentially dedicated to the topic of Egypt's relatives with the Mediterranean global within the moment millennium BC. the consequences of the amazing discoveries at inform el-Dab'a, the location of old Avaris (the Hyksos capital of Egypt), shape the first concentration, with papers on Egypt's connections with Cyprus and Minoan Crete, and chronological difficulties additionally mentioned. those are positioned in a much wider context through extra contributions on Egypto-Minoan kin quite often, at the proof for Mycenaeans in Egypt and the presence of Orientalia at Mycenae, on Aegean effect in Egypto-Canaan, at the assets of Egyptian copper and at the nature of overseas trees imports into Egypt.

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There seems to be some other colour convention in operation in the case of the bull-leapers. I would not wish to enter into the discussion about the popular interpretation of white bull-leapers as females in this context. Suffice it to say at present that, as at Knossos. we have representations of light-coloured bull-leapers, some white, some light yellow. 28 For the yellow skin of one of our bull-leapers (Plate 1,1) we have a parallel: a young boy from Thera,29 while older boys are rendered in red.

41. N Marinatos, op. cit. 196-9. 22. This new excavation, conducted in 1993, will not be con­ sidered in this article. 42. C Doumas, op. cit. 30-1. 43. C Doumas, op cit. figs. 122, 128. 23. For preliminary reports, see M Bietak, Egyptian Archae­ %g)' 2 (1992), 26-8, and Agypten und Levante 4 (1994),44­ 58. I would like to thank those colleagues who have given valuable advice on various aspects of the Minoan paintings at Tell cl-Dab'a, namely Ellen Davis, Sinclair Hood, Nanno Marinatos, Lyvia Morgan and Maria Shaw.

In the Aegean, dogs were occasionally depicted in glyptic art of the Early and Middle Minoan periods and a magnificent sculptural version adorns the lid of an Early Minoan II stone lid from Mochlos. 48 The iconography of the dog bunting an ungu­ late first occurs in glyptic art of MM II (Fig. 1),49 and though not common continues into Late MinoanlLate Helladic. But until recently the dog was unknown in wall-painting prior to the Mycenaean palace period. There are no dogs in the surviving Cretan wall-paint­ ings and none at Thera.

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