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Egyptian Mummies and Modern Science

Egyptian mummies have continuously aroused renowned and medical curiosity; despite the fact that, newest experiences, even if considerably elevated in quantity and variety, were released in expert journals. Now, this specific booklet, written by way of a original crew of scientists established on the college of Manchester (England), brings this intriguing, cross-disciplinary zone of analysis to a much broader readership.

Egypt: Internal Challenges and Regional Stability (Chatham House Papers)

Kassem presents a concise and available advent to Egypt, together with chapters on family politics, overseas coverage, economic system and country formation. it will likely be of curiosity to somebody learning Egypt from a social technological know-how viewpoint.

Ten discoveries that rewrote history

Patrick Hunt brings his top-ten checklist of old archaeological discoveries to existence during this concise and pleasing ebook. The Rosetta Stone, Troy, Nineveh's Assyrian Library, King Tut's Tomb, Machu Picchu, Pompeii, the lifeless Sea Scrolls, Thera, Olduvai Gorge, and the Tomb of 10,000 Warriors - Hunt finds the attention-grabbing tales of those impressive discoveries and explains the ways that they upload to our wisdom of human heritage and completely altered our worldview.

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You will find the most famous mosque of all, the Al-Azhar Mosque, in the centre of Cairo – “city of a thousand minarets”. In this culturally rich and varied country, you can also find out more about the ancient Coptic religion. Explore Coptic culture by visiting the churches of Old Cairo or visiting the Coptic Museum. From the monastery of St. Anthony to the cathedral at Aswan, you will uncover a wealth of historical fact as you explore Egypt’s second religion. 33 GB 20 36 19/12/06 A 11:37 Page 15 P R A C T I C A L Annual events Dates Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Mar Apr Apr Apr June July Aug Sep Oct Oct Oct Nov Dec Dates Jan Jan Mar July Aug Aug Sep Sep Sep Sep Dates 20 Jul-20 Aug 22 Feb/22 Oct 4 Nov Sep A T O Z Clothing Sporting Events International Motorcycle Race International Egyptian Marathon in Luxor International Fishing Competition in Hurghada Cairo International Bridge Festival Camel Race Akhbar El-Yom International Hockey Tournament Sinai International Bowling Tournament Shooting World Cup International Aero Rally of Egypt Pyramids 2007 Al-Ahram International Squash Championship Al-Ahram International Tennis Championship North Sinai Camel Race El-Sharkia Arab Horse Festival Pharaohs Rally Arab Horse Festival Egyptian International Bowling Championship International Egyptian Marathon St.

Spring (March-April) does not last long and summer comes quickly. Temperatures can then turn quite warm! This is the season of winds, especially of the desert winds called “Khamasin”. 34 Degrees C janu. march may Cairo 14 17 24 Luxor 14 20 30 Aswan 16 21 30 Sharm El-Sheikh 21 22 31 Hurghada 12 17 23 Alexandria 10 12 17 july 28 33 33 35 27 23 sept. 26 30 31 32 25 22 nov. 19 21 22 26 18 15 The official language is Arabic. English and French are widely spoken, especially in tourist towns. German, Italian and Russian are also spoken in many hotels on the Red Sea.

M. each day, except for Fridays and public holidays. Banks are closed on Fridays and Saturdays. m. m. every day except Sunday. Please note that all these times may vary during Ramadan. Payment Credit cards and traveller's checks are accepted in major hotels and large stores. Most tourist shops also allow you to make purchases in foreign currency. GB 20 36 19/12/06 11:37 Page 16 Photos Standard photographic film (100 or 200 ASA) is easy to buy in Egypt. The use of flash is prohibited in museums and tombs in order to protect the exhibits.

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