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By Angela E. Close, Romuald Schild, Fred Wendorf

by Fred Wendorf, Romuald Schild and Angela E. shut advent approximately contemporaneous with the later a part of Isotope level 7; such a lot websites happen in sediments dated among a hundred the center Paleolithic is probably the most and a hundred thirty ka and fall early within the final Interglacial; the main attention-grabbing classes in human background. It marks a tremendous fresh center Paleolithic website dates among 70 and eighty ka. at holiday from the lengthy interval of the decrease Paleolithic whilst the top of the final Interglacial. there has been basically no swap for a number of millions of years, and it was once through the heart the trendy setting Paleolithic, and possibly early in that degree, that the the 2 depressions of Bir Tarfawi and Bir Sahara East are modem kind of man or woman first seemed in Africa (Stringer and Andrews 1988). we don't understand even if the close to the guts of the southern Libyan wilderness. they're earliest modem Africans behaved in a different way from heart approximately 350 km southwest of Kharga Oasis, and an identical Paleolithic humans in different places on the earth and of alternative distance west and a little north of Abu Simbel, at 22°55'N, actual varieties, yet we should always discover. A research of human 28°45'E.

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It seems to be partially eroded in the southwestern section of the basin and in the northeastern comer, which suggests it is very early. The duricrust is probably part of a much older basin, and formed the armored surface which stopped the deflation before the formation of the Sand Pan. Cultural material is associated only with the earlier phase of Sand Pan formation. Sites which could have been contemporaneous with the main phase of the playa were presumably destroyed by deflation, as were the playa shores of that time.

The gyttja is composed of pairs of darker and whitish (more calcareous) laminae. It contains rare snails and fish bones, but no pollen is preserved O. C. Ritchie, in litt. ). Laterally toward the northwestern shore, the gyttja becomes more sandy (Fig. 12: 3a) and finally grades into a bed of heavily decomposed organic matter mixed with sand; the organic carbon in this bed reaches 10% (Fig. 12: 4; Fig. 18; Fig. 19: 2b), and the sands were described in the field as "peat". Under the peat and grading into it is a dark grey (lOYR 4/1), heavily bioturbated, sandy, hydrogenic soil (Fig.

See text for details). W E A B [ -86-2 T. I T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T. 32. Bir Tarfawi, Section BT-B, Southeastern Basin, cross-section A-B. Key: 1, Basal Sands and Gravels. Lower lake: 2, hydrogenic soil; 3, marls; 4, tufaceous limestone; 5, silty sand. Upper lake: 6, shore sands; 7, gravelly shore sands with cultural deposit; 8, foredune shore; 9, sandy silts and silty sands; 9a, crumbly, reddish silts; to, fine sands. Holocene: 4a, salt crust. (See text for details). A remnant of an extensive, sandy beach (Fig.

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