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By Ruslan Grinberg, Alexander Rubinstein

During this bold ebook, the authors problem mainstream financial conception to offer a brand new theoretical suggestion on sleek fiscal truth. The publication unearths intimately the main notions of the sociodynamic multiplier and the rational habit of the country.

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Jacobson writes that mixed public goods are goods having 'at least one characteristic of public goods manifested moderately'. I. Op. , p. 42). Blaug writes about quasi-public goods as goods which 'at least partially have public nature' (Blaug M. Op. , p. 550). It seems hardly possible to speak about the strictness of these concepts. j6 57 30 1 To the Reducibility Hypothesis research, etc. Having failed to find a place for them in the market sphere, the neoclassical theory transferred them to the group of pubic goods.

Aufl. - Tubingen, 1994. 34 2 Meritorics and Social Interest wants62. First, pathological cases, when a society 'wants' to protect inadequately informed or retarded people from their possible incorrect decisions. Third, the demand for reallocation of g o o d in kind aimed to provide assistance to indigent members of society. Let us analyze each type of society's merit wants of and respective cases of government interference. 1 The Pathological Case Considering 'pathological cases' as the first type of motivation for state interference, most authors, like Musgrave himself, single out two basic situations - ivrationality of individual's behaviour and his unawareness of goods' real properties.

Behave efficiently. But, first, it happens only in course of time, and second, not all individuals are able to make correct choices due to unequal distribution of knowledge, will and resources among them. Some people do not have and cannot have enough knowledge about goods' true qualities. Others who do possess the necessary knowledge lack enough will to make a decision beneficial for them. Preferences of a third group of people are distorted due to the lack of resources necessary for consumption of goods essential for society and strategically useful for individuals.

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