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Compaq Computer Corp. announced in January 1998 that it wanted to sell off AltaVista into a separate publicly owned company. This spin-off will allow AltaVista to enter agreements with Compaq rivals and give them an opportunity to grow more rapidly. 8 Imall, the largest cybermall, promises quality, bargains, and easy shopping. 9 Etoys reaches a peak in visitors during holiday shopping times. com offers a state-of-the art way to view live events. Page 18 2 Exploring Technological Frontiers The Pioneers of E-Commerce Larry Downes and Chunka Mui identify e-commerce as a ''killer app," defined as "a new good or service that establishes an entirely new category and, by being first, dominates it, returning several hundred percent on the initial investment" (Unleashing the Killer App, Harvard Business School Press, 1998).

Add consumer consciousness and marketplace savvy and designs that catch your eye but don't bog down transmission time, and before you know it you are replicating a successful sales transaction of any type. Except that on the Internet, you can conduct business all over the world, regardless of your size. 1 billion today and growing exponentially. Peter Levitan, the first Internet news professional in the country to be selected for the Small Business Administration (SBA) Media Advocate of the Year Award, is ready to harness this energy.

Treacy and Wiersema say that the dual responsibility of striving to upgrade existing products while simultaneously creating the next generation makes companies vibrant. They say that this responsibility serves the purpose of keeping market leaders preoccupied while they take charge of orchestrating the dynamic balance. " High-tech companies outnumber all other companies cited as market leaders by Treacy and Wiersema. Leaders are described as those who evaluate their products and services, customer base, staff, and available resources (including time and money, besides people) before jumping into development of any new venture.

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