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This compels the red blood cells to follow a circuitous route from the arterial termination to the sinus, resulting in a prolonged sojourn in a metabolically unfavorable milieu in whkh they are exposed to numerous macrophages. Diseases in man in which this mechanism appears to be responsible for the premature destruction of formed elements of the blood include Gaucher's disease, progressive systemic histiocytosis of the LettererSiwe and Hwd-Schiiller-Chtlstian's types, monocytic leukemia and fibrocongestive splenomegaly.

7). Daraus ergibt sich eine Folgerung zwangslaufig: Wenn die Milz als ein reJevanter Parameter registriert werden soli, kann man auf die szintigraphische GrOflenbestimmung nicht verzichten. Tut man es dennoch, so muJl man wissen, daJl man auf eine wesentliche klinische Information bewuJlt verzichtet. 50 - 750 37% 9 750-1250 89 % 4 1250-2000 100 % 2 >2000 50 100% 0 20 40 60 80 100% Abb. 6. 7. Gewicht und Tastbarkeit dec Milz bei unausgewahltem Kcankengut II. Die Funktionsanalyse Die Anwendung von 51Cr-markierten, warmealterierten Erythrocyten bei der Szintigraphie gestattet, neben der Darstellung der Milz auch ein bestimmtes funktionelles Verhalten dieses Organs zu priifen und quantitativ zu erfassen (DUESBERG u.

The pooling of red blood cells in enlarged spleens can be actually measured by the injection of 5ICr labelled red blood cells. In spleens of normal size pooling is not demonstrable (JANDL and ASTER). Using this method in patients with splenomegaly, it has been shown that the splenic circulation has two compartments: 1. A rapid compartment in which the transit time of the red blood cells is similar to that of other organs, such as the liver and 2. , 1958; TOGHILL). Because the retention of erythrocytes under pathologic conditions occurs primarily in the splenic cords, the pulp cords have been equated with the slow compartment while that portion of the circulation in which the cords are bypassed corresponds to the rapid compartment of the splenic circulation (RICHARDS and TOGHILL, JANDL and ASTER).

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