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By P. M. Kirk, P. F. Cannon, J. C. David, J. A. Stalpers

This can be the single crucial guide for all who paintings with or have an interest in fungi (including lichens, slime moulds and yeasts). This re-creation, with greater than 20,500 entries, offers the main whole directory of widespread names of and phrases used to explain fungi to be had. for every genus, the authority, the date of book, prestige, systematic place, variety of approved species, distribution, and key references are given. Diagnoses of households, orders and better different types are incorporated for many teams. additionally, there are biographic notes, info on recognized metabolites and mycotoxins, and vast debts of just about all natural and utilized elements of the topic (including citations of significant literature). All info has been up-to-date as invaluable because the book of the 8th version in 1995. moreover the 9th version has the next new gains: a elegant type of fungal phyla reflecting the newest molecular facts, together with a tremendous revision of the category of the Ascomycota; a whole integration of anamorphic genera within the class; a revised synopsis of the proposed type.

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MR. 109: 429, 2005; speciation), Liang et al. (Fungal Diversity 24: 225, 2007; phylogeny). amphi- (prefix), the two (sorts, sides). 26 AMPHIACANTHA Ampbiacantha Caullery & Mesnil (1914), Microsporidia. 3. Amphiamblys Caullery & Mesnil (1914), Microsporidia. 3. Amphiblistrum Corda (1837) = Oidium Link (1824) fide Linder (Lloydia S: 165, 1942). Amphichaeta McAlpine (1904) = Seimatosporium fide Shoemaker (CJB 42: 411, 1964). Amphichaete Kleb. (1914) = Amphichaetella. Amphicbaetella Hiihn. OeH.?. I, Europe; Australia.

Bot. upsa/. 34 no. 1: 429, 2004; biogeography), Miitdlikowska et al. (Myco/. 98: 1088, 2006; phylogeny). Alectoria Linlc (1833) = Usnea fide Hawksworth et al. (Dictionary of the Fungi edn 8, 1995). Alectoriaceae Tomas. (1949) = Parmeliaceae. Alectoriomyces Cif. & Tomas. (1953) = Alectoria Ach. Alectoriopsis Elenlcin ( 1929) = Ramalina fide Eriksson & Hawksworth (SA 6: 112, 1987). Alectorolophoides Battarra ex Earle ( 1909) = Cantharellus fide Stalpers (in litt. ). alepidote, having no scales or scurf; smooth.

Nature 367: 601, 1994; fossil from Devonian), Steciow & Eliades (Darwiniana 39: 15, 2001; Argentina). Allonecte Syd. (1939), Tubeufiaceae. 1, Ecuador. See Rossman (Mycotaxon 8: 485, 1979), Crane et al. ( CJB 76: 602, 1998), Kodsueb et al. (Fungal Diversity 21: 105, 2006; phylogeny). Allonectella Petr. (1950), Nectriaceae. 2 (on stromata of Phyllachora), S. America. See Rossman (Mycotaxon 8: 485, 1979), Rossman et al. (Stud. Myco/. , 1999). Allonema Syd. OeH.?. 1, Europe. See Sartory & Meyer (Annis myco/.

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