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By J. H. J. Ruijs M.D., S. G. Th. Hulst M.D. (auth.)

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3. S . 7. ADENOMYOMATOSIS A 1. Good concentration. 2. Stricture between corpus and fundus . 3. Minimal irregularities in the fundus . 4. S. visible. B After fatty meal: I. Hypercontraction. 2. Contraction of the stricture . 3. S. with contrast. 8. ADENOMYOMATOSIS A (Magnified detail) 1. Normal concentration. 2. Stricture between comus and fundus. 3. S. visible. B (Magnified detail) After fatty meal : I. Hyperconcentration . 2. Hypercontraction. 3. Contraction of the stricture. 4. S. with contrast.

And the lumen. 3. S. 4. ADENOMYOMATOSIS A l. Good conce ntra tio n . 2. Strictures . 3. S. B After fatty meal : I. H ypercontractio n. 2. Contrac tion of the pro xi mal st ricture . 3. S. a nd lume n . 5. ADENOMYOMATOSIS (Generalized form) A 1. 2. 3. 4. Good concentration. Minimal deformities. Stricture in the neck. S. visible. B After fatt y meal : 1. Hypercontraction. 2. Contraction of the stricture. 3. Increased distance between R. S . and lume n. 6. 4 \. Good concentration. 2. Stricture be tween corpus and fundu s .

Visible. 23. ADENOMYOMATOSIS ASSOCIATED WITH CONGENITAL SEPTUM (Phrygian cap deformation) AND CHOLELITHIASIS A (Exposure with the patient in erect position:) I. Thin septum between corpus and fundus. 2. Translucencies in fundus and corpus. B After fatty meal : (Exposure with the patient in supine position:) I . Hypercontraction of distal part. 2. No contraction of the septum. 3. Displacement of the translucencies . 4. S. visible. 24. ADENOMYOMATOSIS, CHOLESTEROLOSIS AND CHOLELITHIASIS I. Stricture between corpus and collum .

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