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By Gunter Erhard

"Designing with Plastics" is an necessary device for each engineer and dressmaker operating with plastic fabrics. it's going to help in the improvement of plastic components that aren't simply sensible and esthetically wonderful but in addition manufacturable whereas assembly ever expanding end-use standards.

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1 2 Structure and Properties [References on Page 68] Tacticity In contrast with polyethylene, these polymeric materials no longer have a symmetrical structure. Depending on the spatial arrangement of the side groups, atactic, syndiotactic, and isotactic configurations are distinguished. In the atactic arrangement, the position of the side groups relative to the hydrogen atoms is random. R H R H H H R H H H C C C C C C C C C C H H H H R H H H R H Atactic configuration Due to this irregular chain structure, atactic polymeric materials are scarcely capable of the order needed for crystallinity.

U. Zeit 14 (1983) 4, pp. : PTFE für Wärmetauscher in Kraftwerken (PTFE for heat exchangers in power plants), Kunststoffe 81 (1991) 2, p. 27] HAUCK, CH. and A. SCHNEIDERS: Optimieren der Schmelzkerntechnik für das ThermoplastSpritzgießen (Optimizing the fusible core technique for injection molding of thermoplastics), Kunststoffe 77 (1987) 12, pp. : Zur Entwicklung hochfester Drehstabfedern aus Faser-Kunststoff-Verbunde (On the development of high-strength torsion rod springs made from fiber-plastic composites), Diss.

However, their heat resistance and heat distortion temperature is distinctly higher, because these chains are much more rigid, especially when there are no “flexible” hetero atoms between the aromatic ring compounds. Examples of polymers with hetero atoms between chains are polysulfone (PSU) and polyether sulfone (PES), which have the following structural formulae. 1]. ** There are also modified forms of PTFE that can be processed by injection molding. 34 2 Structure and Properties [References on Page 68] The are no hetero atoms between rings in the case of polyphenylene, resulting in a material with a very high Tg, but a lack of processability.

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