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By Bart Vermeulen, Kees Goossens (auth.)

This booklet describes an method and aiding infrastructure to facilitate debugging the silicon implementation of a System-on-Chip (SOC), permitting its linked product to be brought into the industry extra quick. Readers examine step by step the foremost necessities for debugging a latest, silicon SOC implementation, 9 components that complicate this debugging job, and a brand new debug process that addresses those necessities and complicating components. The authors’ novel communication-centric, scan-based, abstraction-based, run/stop-based (CSAR) debug process is mentioned intimately, exhibiting the way it is helping to satisfy debug necessities and tackle the 9, formerly pointed out elements that complicate debugging silicon implementations of SOCs. The authors additionally derive the debug infrastructure specifications to aid debugging of a silicon implementation of an SOC with their CSAR debug technique. This debug infrastructure includes a everyday on-chip debug structure, a configurable automatic design-for-debug move for use in the course of the layout of an SOC, and customizable off-chip debugger software program. assurance contains an assessment of the potency and effectiveness of the CSAR technique and its aiding infrastructure, utilizing six commercial SOCs and an illustrative, instance SOC version. The authors additionally quantify the rate and layout attempt to aid their approach.

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Information on the instantiated debug components and their functionality is stored in a DfD configuration file. 6 Book Contributions 21 case studies (Chapter 8) off-chip debugger software (Chapter 7) on-chip debug architecture (Chapter 5) CSAR debug (Chapter 4) SOC complexity (Chapters 1,2 and 3) design-for-debug flow (Chapter 6) related work, conclusions, and future work (Chapters 9 and 10) Fig. 13 Overview of the organization of this book (CSARDE), is described in Chap. 7. This software uses this information to interact with the on-chip debug architecture in different environments.

When the input signal is inverted inside the setupand-hold interval of a flip-flop, the output signal “q_b” is not guaranteed to reach its inverted value by the end of the clock edge (t = t1 ). As a result, the data output signal “q_b” of flip-flop FFB is left at a value between logic-0 and logic-1. In this example, the value of the data output signal “q_b” is regenerated to its new value of logic-1 in the remainder of the clock period to a logic-1 value at t = t2 . 1 Communication Between Two Building Blocks Fig.

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