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By Roland Bässler (auth.), H.-W. Altmann, K. Benirschke, A. Bohle, K. M. Brinkhous, P. Cohrs, H. Cottier, M. Eder, P. Gedigk, W. Giese, Chr. Hedinger, S. Iijima, W. H. Kirsten, I. Klatzo, K. Lennert, H. Meessen, W. Sandritter, G. Seifert, H. C. Stoerk, H. U.

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Further studies of this group of research workers (1965) with the same experimental methods showed that hyperplastic nodules were more common after transplantations than in animals with replanted ovaries or ovaries in situ. - BROWNING and WHITE (1965) reported the local stimulating influence of transplants of the pituitary and of the ovaries on proliferation and secretion of the mammary gland. 5. Mammogenic Effect of Transplanted Pituitary Tumours CLIFTON and FURTH (1960) and TALWALKER and MEITES (1961, 1964) had postulated that tumours of the anterior lobe of the pituitary contained more STH, ACTH, and prolactin and were able to produce full lobulo-alveolar growth of the lactiferous ducts.

Representation of myoepithelial cells by determination of alkaline phosphatase (azodye method). c Lactation with dilated alveoli. d Contracted state of the myoepithelium after injection of syntocinon. Broad irregular cell structures and diminished alveoli. Magnification 245 X 48 R. BÄSSLER: diminish in size, whilst the myoepithelium increases in area to one-third more than during lactation. Electron-microscopic investigations of the myoepithelium of the mammary gland by TAKAHASHI (1958), LANGER and HUHN (1958), HAGUENAU (1959), and MURAD A.

Protein synthesis that was assessed in lactating mammary glands by the same method with tritium-labelled leucine took 30 minutes from injection until labelled protoproteins accurred in the Golgi field (WELLINGS andPHILP, 1964; VERLEY and HOLLMANN,1964; FISKE, COURTECUISSE and HAGUENAU, 1967). The biochemical mechanisms of action of the oestrogens are known in some of their essential aspects. The receptor organs used were uterus, vagina, and the anterior lobe of the pituitary, in which oestrogens form a receptor-hormoneprotein complex, which triggers off further metabolic reactions.

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