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By Larry Elliott, Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury

During the continued international monetary concern, an absence of ethical and moral management in society has been uncovered. the main Reverend Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and Larry Elliott, The dad or mum , collect their techniques at the problems with ethics and morality in company, with contributions from major enterprise figures.

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The contribution of theology to economic decisionmaking is not only about raising questions concerning the common good, questions to do with how this or that policy grants or withholds liberty for the most disadvantaged. These are obviously necessary matters, and a sound 31 CRISIS AND RECOVERY theological stress on mutuality, on the balance of dependence and gift sketched earlier, is crucial to our public discussion of economics. But we need also to look with the greatest of care at what is being assumed and what is being actively promoted by our economic practices about human motivation, about character and integrity.

It is really to claim that our job as human beings is to imagine ourselves, using all the raw material that science or psychoanalysis or economics can generate for us, but not treating any of this as completely determinative – in the hope that the images we shape or discover will have resonance and harmony with the rhythms of how things most deeply are in the universe, with what Christians and others call the will and purpose 22 KNOWING OUR LIMITS of Almighty God. We shall be coming back to some of the detail of this later on.

In each of these reductive contexts, there is something of the same process going on. Each will tell you that your capacity to examine yourself and clarify for yourself who you are in the light of your memory and your imagination, your language and your variegated relationships is a fiction – or at best a small and insignificant aspect of your identity. The face you see in the mirror is not the real thing: you are being activated by hidden motives and calculations, you are unconsciously balancing out the forces that are involved in guaranteeing your chances of survival as a carrier of genetic material or in mediating and controlling the frustrations of Oedipal desire – or in securing the maximal control of disposable resources in a world of scarcity and competition.

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