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By David A. Crowder, Rhonda Crowder

This article is designed to alter tentative computing device clients into convinced content material creators for the area broad net through the use of Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML). clients the right way to create websites with HTML, but additionally how you can get less than the bonnet of present websites and dabble within the code.

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Website-Konzeption. Erfolgreiche Websites planen und umsetzen

In seinem Standardwerk zur Website-Konzeption erläutert Ihnen Jens Jacobsen anschaulich und praxisorientiert, wie Sie eine web site planen, konzipieren, umsetzen und betreiben. Ob Sie alles selbst machen oder mit Agenturen und/oder Auftragnehmern arbeiten – Sie erfahren hier, wie Sie schon in der Konzeptionsphase Fehler vermeiden, die später nur schwer zu korrigieren sind.

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The characters in monospace fonts are all the same width, like the characters on an old typewriter. The code that you see in this book is in the monospace font Courier. Monospace fonts can be either serif or sans serif. You don’t know what kind of computer system visitors to your Web site may use. Therefore, listing more than one of the common font names is customary, which helps to ensure that the users see more or less exactly what you intend. If users don’t have the listed font on their systems, the Web browser has to make an educated guess about which font is the closest match.

You do have the ability to download it, but if someone else holds the copyright, you need permission to use it. If you do decide to use someone else’s image (and you get permission to do so), make sure that you download a copy of the image and upload that image to your own server, rather than use the other site as the image’s source. Otherwise, that other Webmaster may get mad at you, because your users end up tying up his or her Web server resources every time they visit your page. Also, linking to a file on a site that you don’t 46 CliffsNotes Creating Web Pages with HTML control isn’t a good idea, because the other Webmaster may change the filename or location at some point.

Without links, you’d have only a bunch of totally separate pages of structured text. However, the ability to link those separate files together has created something unprecedented in human history. With every Web page on the Net accessible by some route from every other Web page, the World Wide Web is the largest single document ever created. Understanding URLs If you want to send a messenger to pick up a document, you tell him what address to go to and the name of the document. And that’s exactly how the World Wide Web works.

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