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Lasting, eternal. es- v. isi - To hang. es- v. ws - To read. esau v. esw - Swines. esl/loui v. l/loui - To shout aloud. eso, so: (63b); m. Bran. eso] v. swt - Merchants. este v. sto - To lay down. esou, e[ou: (65a); f. Tongs, pincers. esw, esau, pl. esau: (63a); f. Sow, swine. eswp v. swpi - When. eswt v. swt - Merchant. ef- v. wfi - To press. efracou: (64a); m. A plant -- abrotonum, artemisia. efji v. biji - Wrinkle. eqr/i v. qr/i - Downward. eqoun v. qoun - Inward. ehb/oui v. hwb - Matters. ehbwc v.

Iwrh: (84b); vi. To see, perceive; ---: m. Sight, vision; metiorh: f. Sagacity; jiniwrh: n. Vision, power to see. iwc, i/c (Q): (86a); vi. To hasten, be urgent; refi/c: m. One that hastens; iwc, i/c: m. Speed, diligence. qen oui/c: adv. Diligently, hurriedly. (1)iwt, pl. io]: (86b); m. Father; atiwt: adj. Fatherless; eriwt: vb. To become father; metiwt: f. Family, fatherhood; qeniwt: n. Relative on the father's side, uncle. (2)iwt: (87b); m. Barley. iwou ì v. iwi - To wash. iw]: (87b); f. Dew; metsariw]: f.

2)mahi: (211a); m. Flax; ref]mahi: m. Flax-seller. mahro: (211b); m. Manure. mahcol, -cwl: (187b); m. File (tool). mahcwl v. mahcol - File. mahtot= v. moh - To lay hold on. maji, masi: (213a); m. Axe, pick. ma]: (189a); vi. To be successful, hit the mark; ]ma]: vt. To reach, obtain, enjoy; intr. attain, consent, agree; ---: m. Assent, good pleasure; ref]ma]: m. Obedient person; at]ma]: adj. Not agreeing; metat]ma]: f. Unacceptableness. mbai: (177b); m. Spindle. mbon, embon: (161a); vi. To be wrath; refmbon: m.

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