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By Marluce Bibbo, David C. Wilbur

This best-selling e-book will give you a accomplished consultant to the diagnostic purposes of exfoliative and aspiration cytology. The booklet takes a systemic technique and covers the famous common and irregular cytological findings encountered in a specific organ. acceptable histopathological correlations and a attention of the prospective differential analysis accompany the cytological findings.

The e-book is lavishly illustrated, making it the ideal useful source for day-by-day reference within the laboratory.

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3-11). Fig. 3-6. Schneiderian papilloma. The tumor involves the nasal cavity extending onto the septum and lateral wall. (Courtesy of Dr. R. ) A B Fig. 3-7. Schneiderian papilloma. A, The tumor is exophytic but focally it shows features of an inverted papilloma. B, Proliferation of monotonous, bland, basaloid cells with a few clear spaces ("microcysts") representing mutinous cell remnants. 66417308 : ¸Ÿ±U 24 ¥°Q - ·Ho¿U ½I«zºHj ÂMoš Jnj ®MI£¶ - nlA 16 ·IMIÃi : ºIzº yºHjn¼º «¹ÀoÎ » ÂUHnIzTºH ¾vw¼¶ §ú»oT§²H ozº 45 Fig.

Atherosclerotic aneurysms most often are located in the abdominal aorta. Atherosclerosis, especially if it is combined with hypertension, predisposes to the formation of dissecting aneurysms of the aorta (Fig. 2-13). Hypertension combined with cystic medial necrosis may lead to the formation of dissecting aneurysms even in the absence of atherosclerosis (Fig. 2-14). Atherosclerosis of the splenic artery leads to formation of cirsoid aneurysms (Fig. 2-15). Berry aneurysms are related to a defect in the muscle layer of cerebral arteries (Fig.

Hum Pathol 18:619-624, 1987. Burke AP, Cowan D, Virmani R: Primary sarcomas of the heart. Cancer 69:387-395,1992. Burke AP, Virmani R: Cardiac myxoma. A clinicopathologic study. Am J Clin Pathol 100:671-680, 1993. Burke AP, Virmani R: Cardiac rhabdomyoma. A clinicopathologic study. Mod Pathol 4:70-74, 1991. Davies MJ: Coronary artery remodeling and the assessment of stenosis by pathologists. Histopathology 33:497-500, 1998. Davies MJ: Review: the investigation of sudden cardiac death. Histopathology 34:93-98, 1999.

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