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This standardization guide has been constructed and is being maintained as a joint attempt of the dept of safeguard and the Federal Aviation management. It offers instructions and fabric houses for natural polymer and steel matrix composite fabrics. It offers a regular resource of statistically-based mechanical estate info for present and rising composite fabrics, together with aramid, glass, boron, alumina, silicon carbide, and quartz fiber composites..

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4) B-Stage -- An intermediate stage in the reaction of a thermosetting resin in which the material softens when heated and swells when in contact with certain liquids but does not entirely fuse or dissolve. Materials are usually precured to this stage to facilitate handling and processing prior to final cure. ) Bag Molding -- A method of molding or laminating which involves the application of fluid pressure to a flexible material which transmits the pressure to the material being molded or bonded.

The common (base 10) or the natural (base e) logarithm may be used. ) Lower Confidence Bound -- See Confidence Interval. Macro -- In relation to composites, denotes the gross properties of a composite as a structural element but does not consider the individual properties or identity of the constituents. Macrostrain -- The mean strain over any finite gage length of measurement which is large in comparison to the material's interatomic distance. Mandrel -- A form fixture or male mold used for the base in the production of a part by lay-up, filament winding or braiding.

Interlaminar Shear -- Shearing force tending to produce a relative displacement between two laminae in a laminate along the plane of their interface. Intermediate Bearing Stress -- The bearing stress at the point on the bearing load-deformation curve where the tangent is equal to the bearing stress divided by a designated percentage (usually 4%) of the original hole diameter. Intralaminar -- Within the laminae of a laminate. Discussion: describing objects (for example, voids), event (for example, fracture), or fields (for example, stress).

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