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By Barbara Ann Bushman; American College of Sports Medicine

Compiles key info at the significant parts of workout, health, and health and wellbeing; offers the courses, ideas, and instructions for secure and effective effects; and gives actions and courses for every age and health levels.

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5 seconds). You can verify correct form by sliding your fingers in conjunction with your upper-body movements between the two pieces of tape as shown. 6. This reflects the ability of your abdominal muscles to contract repeatedly over time and thus serves as a marker of muscular endurance. 8 Curl-up. 6 Curl-Up Test Norms for Males and Females Males 20–29 30–39 Age 40–49 50–59 60–69 Excellent Very good Good Fair Needs improvement 25 or more 21–24 16–20 11–15 25 or more 18–24 15–17 11–14 25 or more 18–24 13–17 6–12 25 or more 17–24 11–16 8–10 25 or more 16–24 11–15 6–10 10 or fewer 10 or fewer 5 or fewer 7 or fewer 5 or fewer Females 20–29 30–39 Age 40–49 50–59 60–69 Excellent Very good Good Fair Needs improvement 25 or more 18–24 14–17 5–13 25 or more 19–24 10–18 6–9 25 or more 19–24 11–18 4–10 25 or more 19–24 10–18 6–9 25 or more 17–24 8–16 3–7 4 or fewer 5 or fewer 3 or fewer 5 or fewer 2 or fewer Adapted by permission from Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, 2003.

The equipment needed for these tests is minimal, and you do not have to perform them all in one day. 1 When you check your progress after a couple of months, test yourself just as you did during your initial assessment. Keeping the order of testing the same ensures that any changes in your results are attributable to your new activity program. Assessing Heart Rate Perhaps the simplest fitness assessment is that of heart rate, which is reported in beats per minute. Heart rate naturally increases during exercise.

For women ___ Yes ___ No Sedentary lifestyle Anyone not participating in at least 30 minute of moderate-intensity physical activity on at least three days of the week for the past three months ___ Yes ___ No Add the number of “Yes” answers you checked and then subtract 1 from your score if your HDL cholesterol is 60 mg/dL or higher. 2) _______ Risk score Blood pressure includes two numbers. The top number is the systolic blood pressure and the bottom number is the diastolic blood pressure. a Cholesterol is recorded with varying degrees of specificity.

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