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By Karan Vasisht, Vishavjit Kumar

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Amaranthaceae Seed, flower Diarrhoea, dysenter y, menstr ual problems Chenopodium album L. Cissampelos pareira L. ) Nechillo (A) Chenopodiaceae Seed oil - Menispermaceae Root, leaf Snake bite, wounds Anchote (G) Cucurbitaceae Tuber Edible Combretum paniculatum Baye, Buggie (G); Gabai, Shaga (K) Combretaceae Flower Conjunctivitis Commiphora spp. Habak-hidd, Didin, Hagar (Som) Burseraceae - Aromatic, antiseptic Conium maculatum L. Cordia africana Lam. ) Boraginaceae Wood Skin problems (spider disease) ex Endl.

However, the country does not have regulatory laws for the practice of traditional medicine and there is no licensing procedure for TMPs. Local officials are authorized to allow the practice of traditional medicine in their administrative subdivisions. TMPs are not involved in the national primary health-care programme (WHO, 1992). 31 Prosopis africana (Guill. ) Taub. are improved production units for traditional used in local medicine. The leaf is used for migraine, the bark for fever, and the root medicine through the Decree 94/282/P-RM of 15 August 1994.

2001, Planning for cost-effective traditional health services, In: Traditional Medicine, Better Science, Policy and Services for Health Development, Proceedings of “WHO International Symposium”, Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, 1113 Sep. 2000, Kobe, Japan (unpublished document) Commodore, S. G. , 1995, Welcome address presented at “Traditional Medicine and Modern Health Care: Partnership for the Future, A Two-day National Consensusbuilding Symposium on the Policies on Traditional Medicine in Ghana”, 15-16 Mar.

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