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4TH PRINTING FROM 1970 - appealing modern PAGES - EX LIBRARY by no means IN stream - publication seems like it truly is by no means BEEN OPENED - VERY MINOR BINDING PULL easily FROM AGE - TAN cloth conceal less than THE dirt disguise indicates NO put on in any respect - actually excellent FOR A booklet OF THIS AGE! ALL ORDERS send similar DAY WITH monitoring NUMBER!wkrmtblA2

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Poisonous: AMANITA PHALLOIDES (Death Cap) This deadly species (Figure 6) has been blamed for a large proportion of the cases of fatal mushroom poisoning, since it is fairly common throughout the North Temperate Zone in America and Europe. Even a small piece is sufficient to cause serious illness or death. A clinical account of the death of four persons from amanitine poisoning is quoted in Mushrooms aiid Toadstools by Giissow and Odell, one of the references cited on page 119. A careful reading of the progress of the poisoning, through all stages from cramping pains and delirium to painful death, should serve as sufficient warning to hasty or careless mushroom hunters.

Those found in grassy places around old oak stumps are likely to be rather squat, with stems from 2 to 4 inches long, and these usually grow so close together that many of the caps are distorted. Because large quantities of this mushroom appear in the fall, it is a favorite for canning. A winter's supply often springs up around an old stump or above dead roots in the yard or garden. It often appears after rather severe frosts, being one of the last to be found abundantly in the fall. GENUS Cantharellus This generic name, taken from a Greek word meaning vase, is an apt one because of the narrow, flaring shape of the common species.

40 WHITE SPORE PRINT yellow color make this plant almost impossible to confuse with any other (Figure 15 and Plate 40). It is found over a wide range in both coniferous and hardwood forests, and in texture and flavor it can be rated well above the average edible mushroom. It is a prime favorite in both Europe and America. GENUS Clitocybe The genus name, meaning sloping head, describes the funnelshaped cap of some species. It is distinguished by (i) white spores, (2) unforked gills that run down the stem a short distance, and (3) a somewhat tough or fibrous stem.

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