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By Robin A. Cooke, Brian Stewart

This booklet provides a finished choice of images of anatomical (gross) pathology. nearly all of pictures are of unfixed specimens as noticeable at post-mortem. For this new 3rd variation a few imaging, scientific pictures and endoscopic pictures has been brought to set the pathology in medical context.• complete choice of marvelous gross pathology photographs

• supply entry to an incredible variety of pathological appearances which are virtually very unlikely to discover elsewhere.
• For the 1st time endoscopic pictures and imaging incorporated to set pathology in larger scientific context.

• Explanatory captions extended to stress scientific studying points.

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The pathology is almost entirely confined to the upper lobe, particularly the apex. There is pneumonic consolidation, together with cavity formation. There is also a minor degree of emphysema present. This is the so-called active type of pulmonary tuberculosis. In many countries tuberculosis has been virtually eradicated by public health measures and effective treatment. However, its prevalence is increasing in countries which cannot afford these measures. Fig. 43 Old, healed, calcified tuberculous lesion in the lung.

Bubbles of air then escaped. Fig. 46 Organizing fibrinous pericarditis. M/56. The parietal layer of the pericardium has been separated from the visceral layer with some difficulty. The surfaces of both layers are covered by shaggy, organizing fibrinous pericarditis which made the two layers adherent to one another. Fig. 49 Acute rheumatic vegetations on the aortic valve cusps. F/11. The patient died from acute rheumatic carditis. Fig. 47 Pericarditis resulting from deposits of secondary cancer in the pericardium and myocardium.

10 Fig. 9 Ruptured spleen. F/16. This was a result of a motor traffic accident. There are multiple tears in the spleen, which was removed to stop the haemorrhage. Rupture of a spleen of normal size requires considerable force, as in this case. In countries where malaria is endemic, splenomegaly (often very gross enlargement) is common. These spleens are not protected by the ribcage and rupture occurs with relatively little trauma to the abdomen. Spleens enlarged as a result of infectious mononucleosis and leukaemia also rupture as a result of minor trauma.

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