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By Rangaraj M. Rangayyan

This full-color e-book starts with an in depth examine of the character of colour images-including ordinary, multispectral, and pseudocolor images-and covers acquisition, qc, and reveal of colour pictures, in addition to problems with noise and artifacts in colour pictures and segmentation for the detection of areas of curiosity or items. The booklet is essentially written with the (post-)graduate scholar in brain, yet working towards engineers, researchers, machine scientists, info technologists, clinical physicists, and data-processing experts also will take advantage of its intensity of data. these operating in various components resembling DIP, computing device imaginative and prescient, trend acceptance, telecommunications, seismic and geophysical functions, biomedical purposes, health facility info structures, distant sensing, mapping, and geomatics may well locate this publication beneficial of their quest to benefit complex thoughts for the research of colour or multichannel photographs.

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13) λ As a consequence, color sensation can be completely described with a threecomponent vector, c, with each component being ci , i = L, M, and S. 6 Color attributes Three quantities — hue, saturation, and brightness — are considered to be the three basic attributes of color. The three quantities are used to describe a color in common language as well as in technical terms, and are defined as follows. Hue is the attribute associated with the dominant wavelength of a source of colored light. The name associated with a color is directly related to its wavelength.

15. In this cube, the zero vector represents black. The diagonal that joins the zero vector with the opposite corner represents grayscale values, with the three color coordinates set to equal values. Let us now define the chromaticity coordinates as the following projective transformation: R , R+G+B G g= , R+G+B B b= . 16 35 The r and g chromaticity coordinates in the RGB color space. 16. It is clear that r +g +b = 1; thus, two coordinates are adequate to represent a color vector in the unit plane.

30) As a consequence, two metamers have the same tristimulus values. 4, the color sensation perceived under the observation of a colored surface A depends not only on the reflectance of the surface, ρa (λ), but also on the SPD of the light incident on the surface, Ea (λ). Then, two surfaces can reflect metameric stimuli under a particular illuminant, but they would be perceived as being different under other illuminants. In 1931, the CIE defined a set of imaginary primaries that can be added using only positive weights, X, Y , and Z, to create all possible colors.

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