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By John Nicholls MChir, FRCS, Richard Glass MS, FRCS (auth.)

In this age of specialization such a lot sufferers with illnesses of the hind intestine and anus are nonetheless controlled via normal physicians or surgeons. The speciality of coloproctology has grown from the paintings of 'anology', a research of stipulations restricted to that distance from the anal verge which may be inspected simply by means of torch- or candlelight or by way of an easy speculum. centuries in the past many proctological ills have been usually handled by means of itinerant quacks, partially as the health practitioner thought of himself quite too grand to meddle round the anus and the scientific occupation more often than not tended to seem down on those that studied anal disorder. this present day, in sure international locations, coloproctology has turn into a speciality each piece as specific as urology or orthopaedic surgical procedure, with its personal education programme and examinations, frequently undertaken after the tip of common surgical education. Such super-specialization has indisputable benefits with swiftly advancing expertise and healing chances. there isn't any doubt that for the sufferer struggling with a low rectal carcinoma or serious inflammatory bowel affliction there are merits in being taken care of by way of surgeons who're facing a number of circumstances in a yr instead of via a normal healthcare professional who sees such difficulties really not often. Such really expert colorectal surgical procedure devices makes solid experience medically and economically in huge centres of inhabitants with sturdy communications.

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Without fluoroscopic screening, estimations of the anatomical extent of bowel examined are unreliable. On visual signs alone, however, the rectosigmoid junction can be identified and the sigmoid-descending junction frequently recognised as a flexure at about 35-45 cm. A rough guide to the extent of bowel examined is given by the calibration reading on the shaft that is level with the anal verge when the instrument is withdrawn. Average distances of rigid versus flexible sigmoidoscopy of 15-20 cm and 45-55 cm have been reported .

41 Pathological Tests Examination of Pus and Exudates If possible, pus should be collected and placed into a sterile bottle, but where there is insufficient volume a culture swab usually suffices. Rapid transfer is most desirable since many organisms die with desiccation or when deprived of special conditions. g. Stewart's medium). The specimens should be sent to the laboratory directly since incubation should start as soon as possible. Exudate from a suspected syphilitic lesion is collected directly into a sterile capillary tube or Pasteur pipette and gloves should be worn during this procedure.

The most useful applications of colonoscopy in the initial diagnosis are therefore to establish the cause of unexplained bleeding from the colon and to resolve equivocal radiological signs. Colonoscopy may also be used to monitor disease and to detect the onset or recurrence of cancer in patients particularly at risk. It permits biopsy of lesions throughout the whole colon and the removal of polyps. Co\onoscopic snare polypectomy is the treatment of choice for the majority of colonic polyps, about 950/0 being amenable to removal in this way.

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