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By Glen Lehman

The writer makes use of the paintings of the eminent Canadian thinker, Charles Taylor, to increase a critique of these political views which are according to instrumental how you can cause concerning the international, claiming that such views constantly sever the connections among the social and usual worlds.

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However, the implication from the enchanted view is that the natural environment contains conceptualised value that people are then able to articulate and express. For reasons such as these he uses the idea of a social imaginary to explore how we make sense of the natural environment and, obviously, to explain the patterns of interaction within cultures and modern communities. From this perspective, a key aim of Taylor’s work is to explain how to understand and make sense of the values that we perceive in the natural environment.

While Interpretivism, Social Imaginaries, the Natural Environment 41 contemporary environmental politics has begun to integrate the natural environment into its social imaginary, the economic features of the imaginary have been given prominence. Taylor’s work on the social imaginary identifies problems with neo-classical economic approaches and modern approaches that assume humanity can control and transform the natural environment. Taylor’s solution is to explore the social imaginary to reveal the logic in modern meta-narratives and repair damaged environmental and social relationships.

Yet Taylor was already discussing these issues in his early communitarian and interpretivist work when he explored the notion of steady-state social structures. 3 The works of Dreyfus, Gadamer,4 Heidegger,5 Nussbaum6 and Taylor7 are used as representative of interpretation. In the four sections following this introduction this chapter examines the concept of the social imaginary as well as the buffered self in environmental contexts. 2 defines Taylor’s work on modern social imaginaries to offer environmental direction.

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