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By John van Wyhe

Charles Darwin's years as a pupil on the college of Cambridge have been the most very important and formative of his existence. Thereafter he regularly felt a selected affection for Cambridge. For a time he even thought of a Cambridge professorship as a profession and despatched 3 of his sons there to be informed. regrettably the remainder lines of what Darwin truly did and skilled in Cambridge have lengthy remained undiscovered. accordingly his day by day existence there has remained unknown and misunderstood. This e-book relies on new study, together with newly stumbled on manuscripts and Darwin courses, and gathers jointly reminiscences of these who knew Darwin as a pupil. This ebook hence unearths Darwin's time in Cambridge in extraordinary aspect.

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London: H. ]. indd 50 4/10/2014 12:29:23 PM b1738 Charles Darwin in Cambridge: The Most Joyful Years 21 February 2014 8:47 PM It was possible to buy the furniture left by the previous tenant from the College upholsterer. Darwin may have done so. It was common to buy crockery, tea sets, decanters and wine glasses from the bedmaker who traditionally inherited any left by the previous occupant. 51 In December Darwin wrote to his brother Erasmus: “After you left Cambridge. I got into very nice rooms in College, far more comfortable than lodgings, as you will find when you come next to Cambridge.

1882. A60-A61), transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker. uk/). indd 43 43 4/10/2014 12:29:21 PM b1738 Charles Darwin in Cambridge: The Most Joyful Years 21 February 2014 8:47 PM Clivina collaris is listed in Stephens, Mandibulata 1: 40, plate iii, fig. 3. done mostly entomology and little mathematics. Darwin’s mathematical tutor “a very dull man” was George Ash Butterton (1805–1891) of St. 42 Darwin confessed in a letter to Whitley: “I am idle as idle as can be: one of the causes you have hit on, viz irresolution the other is being made fully aware that my noddle is not capacious enough to retain or comprehend Mathematics.

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