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By author, Peter J. Brand, Louise Cooper

Essays in reminiscence of William J. Murnane (1945-2000) honor his life-long commitment to Egyptian epigraphy and historical past. stories provided the following replicate his pursuits in Egyptian heritage, specifically the Amarna interval, and within the epigraphic documentation and old research of the monuments of historic Thebes.

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44. 47 Cf. Martin, Royal Tomb II, p. 44 n. , p. 44. The orientation of the remaining signs is clear in the Fig. 6. Nurse and Child from Room Gamma. ”48 Since Meritaten is shown nursing the child on Wall A, it is probably her own daughter, Meritaten Jr. 50 If the nursing woman here is also Meritaten, as seems likely, the death of Meketaten must have occurred not long after theirs. 51 The events depicted in Rooms alpha and gamma are not dated but must have occurred after Month 2 of Regnal Year 12, the last dated appearance of the three deceased daughters alive.

On the basis of the arguments advanced here, neither Smenkhkare nor Tutankhamun could have received their right to the throne by descent from Akhenaten or any of his wives or daughters. Tutankhamun’s status before his accession as the son of a king can therefore derive only from Smenkhkare. ” from the coregent’s cartouche does not necessarily argue against this identification. It may have been considered inappropriate for a king’s nomen but could also have been otiose after the death of the senior Neferneferuaten.

Hypostyle à son état actuel, et de chercher à établir ce qu’il s’est passé entre l’effondrement du IIe pylône et la constitution du magasin d’architraves SB. Le IIe pylône, on le sait, est un immense édifice qui, victime de sa propre structure5, s’est effondré de longue date, son môle nord s’écroulant vers l’ouest dans la grande cour, son môle sud à la fois vers l’ouest et vers l’est entraînant, dans la salle hypostyle, la chute de six colonnes et l’inclinaison de deux autres6. Si l’état récent du monument, vu depuis la grande cour ou le Ier pylône, a été illustré par de nombreuses gravures ou photographies depuis la Description de l’Égypte7, il en a été tout autrement de l’éboulis ayant affecté la salle hypostyle, malaisé à dessiner ou photographier et surtout singulièrement dénué d’intérêt aux yeux des visiteurs du passé, éblouis ailleurs par la grandeur et la majesté de l’ensemble monumental de Karnak.

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