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By Donald E. Schnell

In this drastically accelerated and revised variation of his vintage remedy, Donald Schnell examines intimately the forty five species and various hybrids of carnivorous vegetation that develop within the U.S. and Canada. info on every one species comprises an selecting description, the popular habitat, the diversity during which it may be discovered, and the season for flowering and trapping, making this publication an invaluable box consultant in addition to a desirable resource of relaxation interpreting. With an entire array of maps, drawings, and 2 hundred colour pictures, this quantity provides to counterpoint each enthusiast's library with a wealth of knowledge. Hobbyists will locate a lot to their liking besides. Schnell provides certain directions for becoming those plants.

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At first glance, this species can easily be mistaken by the inexperienced for S. flava, especially in the Mobile Bay area. H o w e v e r , the pitcher m o u t h of S, alata does not flare as widely, the column is not as tall or reflexed, the lid is smaller and more c o n v e x , and there is a larger ala (hence the specific name, alata). 3 4 / Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada S. alata column. with diffuse, deep red pigment of inner 3 5 / The Eastern North American Pitcher Plants Sarracenia BOTANICAL oreophiia (Kearney) NAME: Sarracenia Wherry oreophiia The flowers have pale yellow-green petals and a (Kearney) Wherry.

But there is partial re- over for several seasons in the dead remains of previous buttal by natural balances. Some birds have learned y e a r s ' growth. In the spring, it enters at the apex of a that the holes mean larval or pupal food within, and newly developing pitcher before it opens and girdles slash marks made by beaks indicate that m a n y of the top. these parasitic insects never reached adulthood. 27 / The Eastern North American Pitcher Plants Since m a n y larvae of Exyra do overwinter in the D E S C R I P T I O N .

Before long, T h e jonesii p l a n t s are become an nearly all tions that h a d not been followed up by the n e c e s s a r y extinct. T h e y can be found in only a few small bogs y e a r s o f c a r e f u l l y o b s e r v i n g m a r k e d field p l a n t s a n d after considerable search where they were o n c e easily reciprocal seen in masses f r o m the roadside. Likewise, the typical transplants. Still m o r e r e c e n t l y , t w o t y p e s o f e a s t e r n c o a s t a l p l a i n f o r m s o f S .

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