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This booklet overviews the present prestige of study and improvement actions of CNTs in nanodevices, nanomaterials, or nanofabrication. This booklet offers 15 cutting-edge assessment articles that hide CNT synthesis applied sciences for becoming hugely oriented CNTs, chirality-pure CNTs and CNTs at a wide throughput and coffee rate, CNT meeting options, CNT sorting and separation tactics, CNT functionalization engineering for extra functionalities, CNT primary homes and their practical/potential electric, digital, optical, mechanical, chemical and organic applications.

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Electric furnace heating up to 1200°C. 3. Evaporator located at the upper part of the reactor. 4. Gas inlets. 5. Liquid (n-hexane + thiophene + ferrocene) inlet. 6. Liquid source vessel. 7. Liquid micropump. 8. Collector. 9. Filter. 10. Outlet. (B) Optical images showing a human hair and two strands of SWCNT. 5 mm (white arrow indicates thinner ropes). The inset shows one straightened SWCNT strand and another tied in a knot. , 2002] Chemical Vapor Deposition Li et al. 8). Carbon nanotube fibers were continuously drawn from the furnace by a rotating spindle and there is no length limitation for the spun CNT fiber.

The carbon nanotubes are synthesized over the catalysts. , 2006]. The general growth mechanism of CNTs in a CVD method involves the dissociation of hydrocarbons, dissolution and saturation of carbon atoms over the catalysts. Tubular carbon solids are precipitated from the super-saturated metal catalysts. In this book chapter, we will focus on improved CNT synthesis, which addresses the five challenges and might lead to the commercialization of CNT products. , 2009]. Fluidized bed reactors also exhibit excellent heat and mass transfer and have been widely used in industrial mass production.

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