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By Robert B. Bates, William A. Beavers

With the appearance of Fourier remodel spectrometers of serious sensitivity, it has develop into functional to acquire carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance (C-13 NMR; l3C NMR; CMR) spectra regularly on natural molecules, and this method has develop into one of many maximum software in choosing buildings of natural unknowns. while the standard spectrometric thoughts­ proton magnetic resonance (H-I NMR; IH NMR; PMR), infrared (lR), mass (MS), and ultraviolet (UV)-do now not effectively display a compound's constitution, a C-13 NMR spectrum will usually offer enough additional info to yield it unequivocally. With this in brain, the current paintings was once designed to offer complex undergraduates, graduate scholars, and working towards chemists a operating wisdom of and facility with using this useful process. a few familiarity with different spectrometric ideas is believed (recommended e-book: Silverstein, Bassler, and Morrill, Spectrometric identity of natural Compounds), yet no previous wisdom of C-13 NMR -which is taken care of very evenly, if in any respect, within the typical common natural texts-is beneficial. A dialogue of C-13 NMR spectroscopy is via one hundred twenty five difficulties, every one which include a molecular formulation, different types of C-13 NMR spectra (partially and fully proton decoupled, with connecting strains to facilitate multiplicity assignments), an built-in H-I NMR spectrum, and an important IR, UV, and MS info. those difficulties were very conscientiously ready, completely proven through scholars on the collage of Arizona, and we think that only a few mistakes stay.

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0 -~ I' Problem 1-19 I I I 220 I 210 I 200 I 190 , 180 I 170 I~ v 1. 0 I I 30 20 I 10 .... 1 J. j i ! I I I ! i I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I I i m ~ 00 6 lit ~ 00 I ~ j ro I I ~ ~ j ~ I ~ j w j ro 1 I 0 42/Bates and Beavers 1-21 MS: C12H1003S IR: Problem 1-21 m234, 141, 93, 77 UV: Strong absorption 5~ , 4~ , 3~ I 2~ l~ I ~ H, 1/ I,J .... 0 20 1. 3 NMR Spectral Problems/43 j [ ~ ~ j ro j ~ I ~ I ~ j ~ ! m !

I i i ~ ~ ~ j ~ _ I ! ~ NMR Spectral Problems/57 i I 90 t ~ j m I ~ I 50 I ~ I m I 20 ! m I o Problem 1-19 38/Bates and Beavers 1-19 MS: C6H6N2O IR: 3350, 3200, 1700, 1630 em -1 UV: PMR: CMR: D0 2 D20 ,L, I m122(s), 106, 78 262 (E 2850) + + DSS; upper sean offset 300 Hz dioxane , 4~ 31 I I 2~ 2E I; ,~ I I , I o H, / i I I I ! 0 \.. ~ .... 0 -~ I' Problem 1-19 I I I 220 I 210 I 200 I 190 , 180 I 170 I~ v 1. 0 I I 30 20 I 10 .... 1 J. j i ! I I I ! i I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I I i m ~ 00 6 lit ~ 00 I ~ j ro I I ~ ~ j ~ I ~ j w j ro 1 I 0 42/Bates and Beavers 1-21 MS: C12H1003S IR: Problem 1-21 m234, 141, 93, 77 UV: Strong absorption 5~ , 4~ , 3~ I 2~ l~ I ~ H, 1/ I,J ....

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