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By Julianne MacLean

Woman Amelia Sutherland might really die than quit to a guy like Duncan MacLean. he's the fiercest warrior of his clan—her people’s sworn enemy—and this night he's status over her mattress. Eyes blazing, muscular tissues taut, and conflict awl sparkling, MacLean has come to kill Amelia’s fianc?. yet as soon as he sees the beautiful, blameless Amelia, he comes to a decision to take her instead…Stealing the younger bride-to-be is the fitting revenge opposed to the guy who murdered Duncan’s one real love. yet girl Amelia seems to be greater than a pawn of vengeance and conflict. This courageous, appealing lady touches whatever deep in Duncan’s soul that's much more robust than a warrior’s fury. but if Amelia starts to fall in love along with her captor—and surrenders in his arms—the genuine conflict starts off…

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Chapter Two Amelia would never forget the gut-wrenching sound of the fabric ripping in two, not as long as she lived. The torn garment dropped to the floor, and the chilly night air assaulted her bared flesh. She quickly hugged herself to cover her breasts. “You should’ve done what I asked,” he said, glancing briefly at her state of undress as he picked up the torn fabric, placed it between his teeth, and ripped it to shreds before her eyes. He moved behind her and gagged her with a torn strip of linen, then tied a knot at the back of her head.

The portly duke looked up at him and nodded. “My niece,” he said. “My brother’s only daughter … I have known her since she was a babe in her mother’s arms. We must do something, Bennett. ” Barely able to see beyond the scarlet rage that was burning his eyes, Richard gripped the hilt of his sword and backed away. “Who is responsible for this? ” “They’re all dead,” the colonel replied. Richard backed away toward the door. “I will find her,” he said. “And when I do, I will cut that Jacobite traitor into a hundred pieces.

Then I will close my lips,” she said, “and keep them shut, Mr. Butcher. ” She could feel the heat of his lips as he whispered in her ear, and the gooseflesh returned. It tingled across her skin, and she cursed her body’s frustrating response. “You seem like a passionate woman, Lady Amelia,” he continued. “You might enjoy the lusty style of a Highlander’s lovemaking. We’re not like your polite English gentlemen. ” A surge of heat shot through her veins. She felt a renewed urge to leap off the horse again and run all the way back to London, but she’d already learned her lesson in that regard.

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