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By Elin Rantakrans

We've got all heard the announcing, "Clothes make the man"; yet does the photographic apparatus make the photographer? One may perhaps imagine so whilst new complex cameras, dream lenses, and the entire enhancing software program in the market. Others could disagree after admiring the glorious images via Henri Cartier Bresson or Edward Weston, which have been interested by really basic cameras and lenses. the true inquiries to wonder are: what sort of pictures may i admire to make? And what are most of these issues that I see marketed as integral photograph gear quite for? aimed toward the start to intermediate photographer, this ebook teaches concerning the number of photographic instruments to be had and what each one is intended to complete. find out about the advantages and disadvantages of assorted items of kit and detect what sort of equipment you must observe your artistic objectives. The publication is full of appealing pictures that illustrate how the kind of apparatus mentioned can have an effect on a picture.

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The warmer tones produced by a gold reflector are more suited for portrait situations, especially outdoors. Silver reflectors produce a harder light that is better for use in indoor, flash-lit situations. Reflectors are easy to fold up and carry and can be leaned against trees or walls or mounted on tripods and purpose-built stands. Take care to angle your reflector to direct the maximum possible amount of light at your subject. For example: use a reflector to brighten the shadow side of a portrait subject’s face and reduce contrast.

A tripod and remote release are essential if you want to accurately capture motion blur during a long exposure. Moving people are relatively easy to photograph using available light—situations that often lead to motion blur of the type that makes the photo above particularly interesting. 49 Taking photographs is even more fun if you use the right equipment. A ball head attached to your tripod makes it easier to discover new perspectives. // PHOTO: MARTINA HOLMBERG 28 Flexible tripod heads Ball heads A ball head for your tripod turns landscape photography into a real pleasure.

Digital merging techniques produce perfectly acceptable results, although using a filter is still a lot simpler. 36 19 Lengthening your exposure time Using a gray (ND) filter A long exposure was required to capture the movement in the water in the photo below and to get it looking silky soft. Such effects can be difficult to achieve, especially if bright sunlight prevents you from stopping the aperture down any further or if you are already working with the lowest ISO value your camera provides.

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