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By Damian Grace, Stephen Cohen

Business Ethics 4e examines the more and more topical topic of commercial ethics, and the way company should still function whereas upholding societys expanding call for for moral and social accountability. This booklet may be valuable to scholars taking a enterprise measure. It examines not just what ethics are but in addition how they relate to varied universal enterprise events, illustrated by way of up to date case stories and present examples.

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One argument for the creation of ‘the profession of business’ is that if the practice of business is re-defined, then ethical behaviour must be regarded as benefiting selfinterest (at least in certain areas). Ethical behaviour and self-interest will coincide, although not in the simple way suggested in position 1. Perhaps part of what becomes redefined here is the very notion of ‘self-interest’, as well as the type of person or business practice that we are. Somewhere in this process, options for unethical behaviour can simply disappear.

Professional ethics A person in a business can certainly behave ‘professionally’—they can be upright, behave with integrity, exhibit a great deal of competence, and a number of other things. But that is different from being a ‘professional’, in the sense of belonging to a profession. Among the features used to distinguish a profession from a business, these seem central: 7h a specialised body of knowledge 7h a credentialing body 7h attention to the public interest (perhaps, the public interest is paramount) 7h a focus on the client’s interest 43 44 BUSINESS ETHICS 7h the exercise of judgment 7h the presence of a code of ethics (including a requirement not to bring the profession into disrepute) 7h regard for the public trust.

The idea that ethical considerations might counterbalance or act as a constraint on other considerations is simply dismissed. Ethics is considered to be on the same side of the scale as anything (else) that is good for business. There is no counterbalance at all. The difficulty in seeing the business situation as one in which good ethics is good business is that this way of speaking invites one to place ethical behaviour on a scale—a scale measuring what is good for the business. The idea, then, is to see where the heaviest weight lies.

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