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By Larry Ullman

Ajax is on the center of the net 2.0 revolution. it is not a know-how yet, quite, is a method that leverages different applied sciences and methods, similar to CSS, XML, DHTML, and XHTML. Many internet designers and programmers want to comprise Ajax of their initiatives as a result outstanding performance it might upload to a website, yet they cannot end result of the steep studying curve. that is the place this publication steps in. It makes studying Ajax enjoyable and straightforward -- an excellent spot to begin! visible QuickProject courses concentrate on a unmarried undertaking. therefore the venture is making a enterprise worker listing, like an tackle e-book. what is being created is a greater, new type of website.

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The DOM is a map of every item in a browser document. It can be used and manipulated in limitless ways. • The getElementById() function allows you to access a DOM element by referring to its ID value. So a form with an ID of dept_form can be accessed via document. getElementById(‘dept_form’). • Remember that the ajax variable is an object of XMLHttpRequest type. One of its functions is open(). Provide this function with the name of the page where 40 • the request should be sent and the method that should be used.

1 The first else clause will apply if the database query didn’t return any results. 2 The second else clause will apply if the PHP script did not receive a valid department ID. browsing employees 17 connect to the database Create a new, blank PHP script that connects to the database. This script does not require the basic HTML tags. ) 1 The script first tries to connect to MySQL. The username and password values must match an existing MySQL user. Change these values in this code to match the appropriate user for your MySQL server.

It cannot begin with a number, and it also can’t be the same as an existing keyword in JavaScript. • Variables declared in a function using the keyword var are local to that function. This is to say, the variables only exist within that function. • If a function takes arguments— values passed to the function when it’s called—those would go between the parentheses. js file, which defines the getXMLHttpRequestObject() function, is the most important script in any Ajax application. The function returns either a valid, browser-safe XMLHttpRequest object or the value false.

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