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By C. W. R. Long

With global warfare I and Egypt's vibrant politics as heritage, C.W.R. lengthy tells the tale of 4 proconsuls (McMahon, Wingate, Allenby and Lloyd), their relevant opponent, Sa'ad Zaghul, and the nice occasions of the time: the increase of the Wafd get together, the rebellion of 1919, the homicide of Sir Lee Stack and the Allenby ultimatum. He sheds new gentle at the strife of participants of the excessive fee between themselves and the overseas workplace, at the fight among Egypt and Britain for possession of the Sudan, on Egypt's struggle for independence and at the failure of democracy to take root within the nation.

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For long periods, his attempts to contribute to the debate on Hijaz strategy – no doubt both unwelcome and unpalatable to the struggling McMahon, responsible for policy – received no acknowledgement from Cairo. ’)20 Within three months of McMahon’s arrival, Wingate began to complain about not being consulted. In response to one expression of the neglect he was feeling, Clayton wrote: I think you know my views as to the manner in which you have been treated and the way in which your unique experience of this country and its problems has been made no use of .

35 Stack fed his discontent by writing to him in the same month from Cairo, ‘Things seem at sixes and sevens here and no love is lost between any of the heads . . a deplorable state of affairs. ’36 Also in the September, Wingate declined to attend a conference in the Residency on the Hijaz command and allied matters. ’38 Again, on 13 October, Wingate point-blank refused to travel to Cairo to confer with McMahon. Towards the end of the High Commissioner’s short term, sensing that he was doomed, Wingate became obstructive and insolent towards him.

The High Commissioner or the Foreign Office think it unnecessary to consult me, and at 22 McMahon the same time if the views sent from Egypt are those with which I am supposed to be in accord, then you will understand that misconceptions are possible . . 22 He believed that McMahon’s neglect of him was comprehensive. ’24 Wingate sent to Col. A. C. 26 They were on a theme of which he did not let go: When one thinks of the old days with Lord Cromer [‘my old friend and Chief’] and Lord Kitchener in the Agency chair, and how they would have dealt with such a matter, you can perhaps appreciate my feelings and what I have had to submit to practically ever since the war began.

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