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By Albert Lewis Kanter, Jr., William B., William B. Jones

"A high-spirited story of a ingenious soldier who unwittingly serves his king

Beautifully illustrated, this vintage story will trap kid's curiosity and spark their mind's eye inspiring a lifelong love of literature and reading."

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Proved afterwards by a memorable devotion to himself. Shortly after the creation of the Empire, however, she was induced to return to Paris, whither Napoleon invited her by tender solicitations, and offers of a splendid establishment. 000] assigned her a separate court, and gave her the title of Madame Mere, equivalent to that of Empress Mother. She took up her residence in the sump- tuously furnished mansion which had been occupied by Lucien, but she was far from maintaining the princely state and hospitality which had distinguished her banished son in days of prosperity and power.

The young Robespierre solicited him in vain. " THE PKOSCRIPTION OF THE BONAPARTES. 27 XXVII. Notwithstanding his refusal to identify himself with bespierre, Napoleon, on Ro- whom the fortunes of the Bonaparte involved in the downfall of that tyrant, family depended, was and after the 9th of Thermidor, [27th of July, 1794,] he arrested as an adherent and partisan of Robespierre. was restored to liberty in a few days. But his release was He was followed by the loss of his position in the army, and he went to Paris to solicit restoration and employment.

It would be unjust not to add, that Madame Letitia took delight in Often called on to solicit from her offices of kindness. son favors for others, she was happy were crowned with success. when her exertions 30 XXX. On the approach of the Allies toward Paris, in April, 1814, Madame Mere accompanied the* empress Maria Louisa Her wonted prudence and preto Blois. 000 francs,] and dismissed the greater part of her attendants. 000 7 on the great book of France, was settled In August of the same year, attended by two francs, secured upon her.

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