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By Kinley Macgregor

Wonderful Caledonia MacNeely fights an unusual shiver whilst she is accessible in marriage to the notorious ?Lord Sin?. notwithstanding Callie fears this mysterious knight - much less for the darkish whispers that rattling him than for the burning hope he invokes - she is less than order of the English King. And with the destiny of her extended family putting within the stability, she has little recourse.

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Aye, for you I imagine so. ” Sin nodded. ” Simon’s look turned hopeful. ” 46 / Kinley MacGregor Before Sin could respond, something flashed in the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he tried to see what it was that had attracted his notice. Courtiers and servants moved freely about the yard, attending their pleasure and duties. There was nothing unusual. Nothing, that is, except for a strangely shaped man who was hobbling near the far wall of the inner bailey. No one seemed to pay any heed to the fellow, but something about him didn’t seem quite right.

Once the man disappeared from sight, the woman scrambled from the cart, with the boy one step behind. No one seemed to notice her peculiar activity, or if they did, they ignored it. She took a moment to dust the straw off them, but somehow she missed a piece that hung in the midst of one coppery curl. It bobbed as she moved. Simon laughed as she took the boy’s hand and led him through the crowd. ” The mirth faded from Simon’s eyes. ” “I have no idea. ” From his horse, Sin could follow her easily through the crowded streets as she wended her way through the town.

Calm. Patient. Like an adder waiting for its prey to come close enough for it to strike. She paused. Then, before she could blink, he stepped forward with an amazing speed, caught the tip of the blade between his forearms, and flipped her sword out of her hands. It arced high into the air, spinning as it fell. He 26 / Kinley MacGregor caught the hilt easily in his hand, then twirled it about once before burying the blade deep in the ground beside him. His smile was even colder than before. ” Callie’s fingers stung from having the hilt torn from her grasp, but she said nothing.

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