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By P. N. Ravindran

Black Pepper is the 1st monograph in this very important and most generally used spice. This quantity contains chapters on all points of the plants' botany; crop development, agronomy, chemistry, post-harvest know-how, processing, illnesses, insect pests, advertising, economic system and makes use of. all of the on hand details has been accrued and provided through specialists for using scholars, academics and study staff within the box, and should stay the most important reference resource for all pepper employees for a while to come back.

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Ex. , Syst. , 306, 1843; Fl. , 1(2):451, 1859; C. , 16 (1):363, 1869; Wight, Ic. 5. , Fl. Brit. India, 5:92, 1886; Burkill, Rec. Bot. Sur. India, 10 (2):347, 1925:Gamble, Fl. Presi. , Fl. Assam, 4:37, 1944; Hains, Bot. Bihar and Orissa, 3:790, 1924; Rahiman, Piper in Karnataka, J. Bombay Nat. His. , Piper spp. of Silent Valley, J. Bombay Nat. His. Soc. 87:424–425, 1990. P. , 1:333, 1804; P. karok Blume, Cat. Gew. , 33. 1823; P. , Fl. , 1:160, 1832; P. sirium C. , 16:160, 1869. Dioecious, scandent climber, leaves thin, papery when dry, glabrous, ovate to elliptic in the fruiting branches, ovate to broadly ovate to cordate in the runner shoot, about 11×5 cm; petiole grooved, leaf base attenuate, tip acuminate, 7-ribbed from the base, the outer pair reaching only half to two third of the leaf, the others reaching almost to the tip.

Fl. Ind. , 1 (2):440, 1859; CDC. , Fl. British India, 5:93, 1886; Watt, Dic. Eco. Pro. India, 6:1892; Trimen, Fl. , 2:668, 1903; Cooke, Fl. Bombay, 3:19, 1908; Hains, For. Fl. Chotanagpur, 384, 1910; Rao, Fl. Plants of Travancore, 336, 1914; Fischer, Rec. Bot. Sur. India, 9 (1):151, 1921; Haines, Bot. Bihar & Orissa, 3:757, 1924; Gamble, Fl. Presi. of Madras, 843, 1925; Kanjilal et. , Fl. Assam, 4:34, 1940; Raizada. Suppl. Fl. Upper Gang. Bombay Nat. His. , 84:46, 1987; Huber, in Rev. Handb. Fl.

Solanaceae) Kirkia wilmsii Engl. ) Miq (Piperaceae) Sedum acre L. V. Published by license under the Harwood Academic Publishers imprint, part of The Gordon and Breach Publishing Group. 2. KRISHNAMURTHY Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode-673012, Kerala India GENUS PIPER The genus Piper was established by Linnaeus (1753) in his Species Plantarum in which he recognised 17 species in the Pipe family, all of which were included in the same genus. The genus name Piper was derived, probably from the Greek name for black pepper, Peperi and according to Rosengarten (1973) most European names for black pepper were derived from the Sanskrit root Pippali, the name for long pepper (Piper longum).

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