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You are approximately to be an eyewitness to the 10 an important days in Abraham Lincoln's lifestyles, together with:

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Benjamin Franklin

You are approximately to be an eyewitness to the 10 an important days in Abraham Lincoln's existence, together with:

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Franklin’s fame was universal. His name was familiar to government and people, to kings, courtiers, nobility, clergy, and philosophers…. There was scarcely a peasant or a citizen, a valet de chambre, coachman or footman, a lady’s chambermaid or a scullion in a kitchen, who was not familiar with it, and who did not consider him as a friend to human kind. When they spoke of him, they seemed to think he was to restore the golden age. In time, this reputation will become important to America. About twenty-five years from this day, Franklin will win France’s help against Britain.

The government had thrown him in jail because of the opinions printed in the Courant. When he was released, he was ordered to let the government review the Courant before publication. Refusing to accept censorship, James came up with a scheme to get around the order. Unfortunately for him, Ben saw an advantage for himself in it. M. “Full moon,” the captain says as he claps Ben around the shoulder. ” The captain stinks of bad whiskey and stale tobacco. Before they step onto the ship, Ben holds out his money.

Certainly many, and very heavy taxes,” Franklin answers. ” Hewitt is giving Franklin a chance to make his case, which is supported by Britain’s new prime minister, Lord Rockingham. But all of the questioning won’t be easy. The reports of marauding gangs of rebels in America are astonishing. In Boston, the crowd hanged a stuffed dummy representing a government official and then paraded it through the streets and set it on fire in front of the official’s house. While it was burning, they threw rocks at his house and through his windows.

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