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Given the services of Carlo Mattogno - particularly relating to crematoriums - i've got appeared ahead to interpreting this publication for a long time. whilst i purchased it in 2008 I easily flew via it and gave it to a pal. i attempt to get the Revisionist historical past out up to attainable simply because as a Historian, i'm continuously on a look for the reality. This paintings is intensely well-researched, well-worded, and well-translated - should you will not be conversant in medical Language or perhaps the lengthy believed "History" concerning the Holocaust. Given the recent info we've, it can be crucial to rewrite all the previous works which can't end up their very own theses... Professor Mattogno by no means has that challenge. --eZmoney

In 1968, the Jewish historian Olga Wormser-Migot, in her thesis "Le Système Concentrationnaire Nazi, 1933-1945," acknowledged that Auschwitz I (the major camp) used to be "without any fuel chamber" (p. 157). She thereby affirmed that the tale of using morgue of Auschwitz crematorium I (located in Auschwitz I) as a fuel chamber was once a fable. Forty-five years after that little bit of honesty, Auschwitz crematorium I remains to be awarded as having a gasoline chamber to millions of gullible viewers on a daily basis. students, even though, have ordinarily shunned the subject, and the ahead of the booklet of this booklet the main major research of the alleged gassings in crematorium i used to be a trifling ten web page article through Franciszek Piper. Mattogno takes at the subject together with his ordinary thoroughness. the start line of his examine is the air flow approach of the morgue, powerful air flow being a prerequisite for using a room as a homicidal gasoline chamber; he renders a transparent photograph of the differences remodeled time to the morgue's air flow. He subsequent takes at the numerous witness money owed alleging that the room used to be used as a homicidal fuel chamber. thank you partially to the data received through his research of the chronology and nature of development at the morgue, he's capable of record the various lies present in those witness stories. the ultimate bankruptcy exhibits that the induction holes supposedly used to introduce zyklon-B into the morgue by no means existed. Mattogno's entire wisdom and systematic technique support to explain the main points of the morgue's transformation into air raid defend, in addition to its postwar adjustments. he's in a position to clarify all the holes, sealed or unsealed, outfitted in the course of the battle or after it. His documented explication of the character of those holes leaves no room whatever for homicidal gassing --HolocaustHistory channel

This is a revisionist vintage that questions the Holocaust evidence in a scholarly and educational and non-hateful and intensely loving means. but the writer, Germar Rudolf, is in penal complex in Germany for suggestion CRIMES for writing "Lectures at the Holocaust." may possibly i like to recommend a booklet that's from a similar writer and Amazon has in inventory and supersedes the contents of this book--I imagine ten instances greater, and the simplest Holocaust ebook in the market: DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST: a brand new examine either side via Thomas Dalton, Ph --Michael Santomauro

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At the Auschwitz trial, Müller reformulated his account as follows:129 “Müller: I was brought to Auschwitz on April 13, 1942. The whole transport, some 250 men, Jews from Slovakia, was housed in block 11. Once I was very thirsty and, together with a comrade, went into the yard of block 11, where there was a large cauldron full of tea. We wanted to drink. When we approached the cauldron, camp leader Aumeier and the block leader of [block] 11 came by and saw us. Aumeier said ‘Just keep on drink129 H.

In this respect my article “Auschwitz: ‘Gas Testers’ and Gas Residue Test Kits,” in: The Revisionist, 2(2) (May 2004), pp. 150-155. D. Czech, op. cit. (note 86), dates indicated. F. Müller, op. cit. (note 35), pp. 25f. Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: Crematorium I 43 of the muffles. The omission probably stems from the fact that on the two ovens poorly rebuilt by the Poles in the years after the war the rollers had not been installed, whereas the device for introducing the corpses was correctly reconstructed.

This propagandistic “truth” was shaped to fit the declarations of self-styled eyewitnesses, in particular those interrogated by the English during the preparation of the Belsen trial and those interrogated by the Poles for the Höss trial. As far as Aumeier’s above declaration is concerned, we must first of all underline the curious coincidence of the date of the first alleged gassing in crematorium I (“in the month of November or December 1942”) with the date given by Jankowski (“in November or December 1942”).

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