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By Cyril Fisher (auth.)

Soft tissue tumors are a wide and heterogeneous workforce of tumors and pseudotumors with a spectrum of habit from benign to frankly malignant. This Atlas of soppy Tissue Tumor Pathology presents an summary of reactive, pseudoneoplastic, benign and intermediate neoplasms, sarcomas and similar stipulations bobbing up in subcutaneous and deep tender tissues. Emphasis is put on microscopic appearances with correlation with gross diagnostic findings the place appropriate. additionally, the immunohistochemical and molecular genetic beneficial properties of the most important smooth tissue tumor subtypes are provided. This compendium of soppy tissue tumors illustrates the majority of illnesses you are going to stumble upon in surgical pathology.

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This tumor is composed of parallel-aligned myofibroblasts evenly dispersed in uniform collagen, with slit-like vessels. Superficial fibromatoses arise in the palm, sole, penis, or over the knuckles. Deep lesions (desmoid tumors or desmoid-type fibromatoses) may occur in skeletal muscle, with a distinct subset in the anterior abdominal wall during pregnancy or post partum, and in the abdomen, where they may be associated with familial adenomatous polyposis Fig. 4 Mesenteric fibromatosis. This forms a mass that infiltrates the mesentery and the muscularis propria of the bowel wall Fig.

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