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Occasional tumors have a rugose character or a surface raised in smooth, rounded masses and indistinct lobules. Numerous cysts are present in many of the tumors and the entire growth usually has a mucinous character. Frequently, the affected gallbladder contains considerable quantities of thick, tenacious, mucinous exúdate. The only papillary adenocarcinoma in our possession is a firm, yellowish, rugose tumor that measures 10 cm. in diameter, and has a point of origin midway between the neck and fundus.

In some carcinomas the stroma is meager and in others it is very abundant and may make up the bulk of the tumor. In structure, the stroma may be loose and open, or firm, compact, and even hyalinized, and it may contain islands of cartilage and bone. Some of the carcinomas contain large amounts of mucin that occur as extracellular or intracellular globules. Mitotic figures are occasionally present. Some of the neoplastic epithelial cells are ciliated and care must be taken not to mistake them for normal epithelial cells of the bronchi, which are also ciliated.

Tumors of the gallbladder are most frequently seen in young steers and heifers at slaughter, although they are also found in older bulls and cows. No breed predominance has been established. It is probable that the incidence of adenomas would be quite high if the meat inspection procedure led to the gallbladder's receiving the same careful scrutiny that is afforded the liver and the common bile duct. As it is, the practice of immediately discarding the gallbladder results in its being given only a cursory exterior examination, unless the painstaking inspector elects to palpate it or incise it or unless a large invasive growth is present.

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