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Histology and Cell Biology

The part on cellphone biology has been vastly multiplied and now comprises info on either the structural and sensible facets of the subject.

Pathology of Incipient Neoplasia, 3rd Ed.

Many malignant tumors have a morphologically recognizable precursor lesion. As screening and early detection have superior our skill to observe lesions at more and more past levels of development, an elevated variety of precancerous lesions are noticeable by way of pathologists. regrettably, a scarcity of uniform histologic standards for precursors present in many organs could make diagnostic interpretation tricky.

Morson and Dawson's Gastrointestinal Pathology, Fifth Edition

Morson and Dawson’s Gastrointestinal Pathology5th EditionEdited through Neil A. Shepherd, DM, FRCPath, Gloucestershire mobile Pathology Laboratory, Cheltenham, united kingdom; Bryan F. Warren, MB, ChB, FRCP (London), FRCPath, John Radcliffe health facility, Oxford, united kingdom; Geraint T. Williams, OBE, BSc, MD, MRCR, FRCP (London), FRCPath, FMedSci, Cardiff college, Cardiff, united kingdom; Joel okay.

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At a February prayer day in Harare he addressed an audience which included ‘hundreds of Madzibaba Nzira’s Apostolic sect members, holding and lifting placards inscribed with ZANU/PF political messages […] They sang a chimurenga song as they were toyi-toying’. ’ Baba Nzira announced a prophecy that Mugabe was ‘divinely appointed King of Zimbabwe and no man should dare challenge his office’. 46 In other words, ZANU/PF has successfully neutralized two authoritative discursive sites, while at the same time retaining full control over the entire coercive capabilities of the state.

For example, churches and other religious actors will be used to give religious sanction to the conflict entrepreneurs’ message and values, schools will teach a particular version of history, historical myths will be appropriated into popular television programs, musicians will write and perform patriotic songs, academic studies will “prove” the authenticity of political statements or programs, and the media will sanitize or slant its reporting. Such a sustained and carefully choreographed assault on the collective psyche can create new collective norms, new or altered collective memories and histories.

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