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Simply as China is termed the realm manufacturing unit for synthetic items, it's also a global manufacturing unit for synthetic animal cruelty in a brand new phenomenon of globalized animal cruelty. Animals in China examines animal safeguard in China in its criminal, social and cultural contexts.

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If nothing in the world is without value or without an inner reason for existence, then one would interpret this to mean that human beings and non-human beings have their own existential value, that is, intrinsic values of their own. 43 For illustration, according to Blakeley, the assessment of any animal – an ox, for example – would need to acknowledge the value that the ox has for himself, that is, the value of living and prospering as best he can as an ox. 48 One of the most important ideas in ancient Chinese philosophy is the notion of tian ren he yi (humans and Heaven [and Earth] as one, or humans and nature as one), commonly referred to today in China.

Animals in Traditional Chinese Philosophy and Law 23 To sum up, the legal provisions concerning the protection of domestic working animals in ancient China show that working animals were considered important and valuable property and warranted serious legal protection. People in charge of the government animals would be punished for actions resulting in animals’ death or injury. As valuable property, their owners and people in charge of them were deemed to assume certain responsibilities for their well-being.

There are also local management fees collected by relevant wildlife departments in each province. The Measures for the Management of Licensing for Domestication and Breeding of Wildlife under Special State Protection (1991) define ‘wildlife’ as ‘terrestrial wildlife under special state protection’ and define ‘domestication and breeding’ as ‘domestication and breeding activities of wild animals under controlled conditions for protection, research, scientific experiments, exhibitions and other economic purposes’ (Art.

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