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By James Henry Breasted

Specializes in the top of the self-governed period of historic Egyptian civilization. This name includes the inscriptions from the Medinet Habu Temple, some of the most thoroughly preserved temples of Egypt, and the good Papyrus Harris, the biggest (133 ft lengthy) and such a lot luxurious papyrus extant.

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It is also by far the most difficult in this collection of difficult texts. It represents the last extreme of those peculiarities mentioned above (ยง ZI), aoccupying a large portion of the south wall, behind the columns of the southern colonnade in the second court of the Medinet Habu temple; in seventy-five vertical lines, not too well preserved. I t was first published by Rosellini (Monumeltti Storici, 139-41, but omitted by Champollion) and then by Burton (Excerpts hieroglyphics, 43-45) ; later by Diimichen (Historiche Znschriften, II,46) ; de Rouge (Inscriptions hihoglyphiques, 139-47) ; Bmgsch (Thesaurus, I 197-1 207), and extracts (including names of chiefs, 11.

Perhaps, under the influence of the Kadesh poem, it has now become impossible to narrate a war or a victory of the Pharaoh in 21. achampollion, Notices descriptives, I, 255 -Lepsius, Denkmder, VI, 23, No. 6. bchampollion, Notices descriptives, has I, having omitted the hook at the top of the stroke given by Lepsius, which converts the sign into 5, as in the fist inscription ($19). As these inscriptions are together, from the same month and the same reign, and by an official with the same title, for the same building, there can be no doubt that Lepsius is correct.

The Discomfiture of jhe Enemy 43. The land of Temeh is spread out, they flee. The Meshwesh (M-S -w -3 I) are hung up 4% their land, their plant is uprooted, there is not for them a survivor. All their limbs tremble for the terror, which protects against them. They say: "Behold, we are rsubjectm to Egypt, 43its lord has destroyed our soul, forever and ever. . . 44. . . aA figure indicating the last extremity or excess. bThe balcony of the palace; see 11, 982. This scene is depicted with all the details here narrated in the relief, 5 5 2 .

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