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By James Henry Breasted

This quantity extends Breasted's outstanding documentary heritage throughout the reign of King Tutankhamun. through offering the 1st definitive transcription and the 1st English model of hundreds of thousands of old files inscribed on papyrus or leather-based or carved in stone, Breasted gave remarkable entry to info of royal succession, army conquest, spiritual upheaval, administrative complexity, and different facets of historic Egyptian civilization. initially released within the first decade of the 20th century, his huge paintings seems to be right here in paperback for the 1st time. The Eighteenth Dynasty observed the consolidation of the cult of Amun and the growth of the temple of Amun-Re at Karnak, in addition to a non secular revolution lower than King Akhenaten that concerned forsaking Thebes as a non secular capital and royal place of dwelling and founding a brand new urban dedicated to the carrier of the hot sun god, Aten. Breasted offers files of the biography and coronation of Queen Hatshepsut, together with reliefs that depict the queen's excursion to the land of Punt. additionally during this quantity are the annals of Thutmose III, supplying the main whole account of the army achievements of any Egyptian king; scenes representing the supernatural beginning and coronation via the gods of his son, Amenhotep II; and, inscriptions from the tomb of Rekhmire, top minister or vizier lower than Thutmose III, that come with an inventory of taxes paid to the temple and overseas tribute continuing from the king's twenty years of army job in Asia. A herculean assemblage of fundamental records, lots of that have deteriorated to illegibility due to the fact its unique e-book, "Ancient documents of Egypt" illuminates either the magnificent complexity of Egyptian society and the just about insuperable problems of reconstructing a misplaced civilization.

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CEl Kab. eThis is, of course, some garment worn by a youth; cf. the girdle of Uni's youth (I, 294, 1. I ) . , "on my two feet;" this is emphasized as land service, Ahmose being a naval officer. gReward after the first battle at Avaris. $121 BIOGRAPHY OF AHMOSE, SON OF EBANA 7 Second Battle of Avaris g. One fought on the water in the canal: Pezedku (P3-@kw) of Avaris. a I t was reported to the royal herald. b Third Battle of Avaris 10. Then there was again fighting in this place; I again fought hand to hand "there; I brought away a hand.

He is therefore the same as the viceroy, Thure, whom we find at Elephantine in Thutmose 1's first year ($55), being the earliest viceroy of Kush whom we know. " Service urtder Ahmose I under the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Neb62. of very pehtire (Ahmose I); he made me overseer of the - = his court. good character in his heart, not careless in - 3 aInscribed on the south wall (fa~ade)of Thutmose 111's Semneh temple; text: Young, Hieroglyphus, 91; Lepsius, Denkmiiler, 111, 47, c. The upper half of all the lines has been cut away for a later relief of Thutmose 111.

We thus see this queen, from whom the Eighteenth Dynasty sprang, still living in the tenth year of the second king of the dynasty. 50. Keres, who was her herald, has not only preserved for us the old queen's command, honoring him with a tomb and a statue at Abpdos, but has also added a loose enumeration of his duties as her herald, which resembles that of the herald, Intef (0 0 763-71). 51. 'Year 10,first month of the third season (ninth month), first day, under the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt: Zeserkere, Son of Re, of his body: Amenhotep (I), beloved of Oxns, given life.

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