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That was how Venerable Ānanda became an arahant. Venerable Ānanda was trying strenuously to attain Arahantship overnight on the eve of the First Buddhist Council. He was practising the whole night the form of 37 vipassanā meditation known as kāyagatāsati, noting his steps, right and left, raising, pushing forward and dropping of the feet; noting, event by event, the mental desire to walk and the physical movements involved in walking. Although this went on until it was nearly dawn, he had not yet attained Arahantship.

The same is the case with people suffering from backache who rise gently lest the back hurts and causes pain. So also with meditators. They shoud make changes of posture gradually and gently; only then will mindfulness, concentration and insight be clear. Begin, therefore, with gentle and gradual movements. When rising, the meditator must do so gently like an invalid, at the same 35 time noting as ‘rising, rising’. Not only this: though the eye sees, the meditator must act as if blind. Similarly when the ear hears.

It is located on approximately twenty acres of quiet pleasant garden land in Hermitage. There are over one hundred buildings on the ground for housing the meditation teachers and 61 meditators both monks, nuns and laity, men as well as women and providing complete retreat facilities. Location: The centre is only about 20 minutes by taxi from Yangon’s Mingaladon Airport, or about 20 minutes by taxi from the Tourist Centre in downtown Yangon. It is shown on tourist guide maps and there is a prominent sign board at the junction of Kaba-Aye Pagoda Road with Sāsana Yeiktha Road.

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